Charles Albert 2020 Holiday Gift Guide

November 13, 2020 3 min read

We've made the list... Time to start checking it twice!

Our Holiday Gift Guide has made it to the Blog and we're so glad that you have, too! From our affordable Fine Sterling Silver Stackable Rings to our Handcrafted Fine Jewelry pieces, see below for the jewelry styles your gift-ee will cherish beyond the Holiday season!

 Charles Albert 2020 Holiday Gift Guide | 14 Jewelry Gifts for the Holidays

1 — Alchemia Replica Spanish Coin Adjustable Ring,$30 

Shop the Ring here and the entire Spanish Coin Collection here.

FEATURE: Something about historical jewelry is timeless. Preserving a piece of history in the sands of time makes for a pretty interesting showpiece. The Alchemia Replica Spanish Coin Adjustable Ring is a mod representation of the Atocha coin that Spaniard's would often carry. These coins were often prized and valued.

2  Sterling Silver Luminite and Hematite Drop Earrings, $147

Shop the Earrings here and the Luminite and Hematite Collection here.

3 — Alchemia Shark Tooth Pendant, $36 

Shop the Pendant here and the Shark Tooth Collection here.

FFEATURE: Have you ever wanted to swim with sharks, but didn't have the nerve? Maybe you're super fascinated by the teeth of these beautiful creatures. Either way, you can have your affinity satisfied in the simplicity of our Alchemia Fossil Shark Tooth Pendant without fear of the unknown.

4 — Sterling Silver Black Druse Necklace, $147

Shop the Necklace here and the Black Druse Collection here.

5 Sterling Silver Red Abalone Sun Pendant, $48

Shop the Sun Pendant here and the Sun Pendant Collection here.

 FEATURE: You love watching the sun rise and set! The moment seems predictable, but they are never the same. You are amazed by nature as it represents beauty and joy. We've designed the swirling of the rays in our Pendant to represent the suns warmth, light and heat! The overall symbolism spans throughout all walks of life, while the Red Abalone shell is the featured as a reminder of a breathtaking sunset.

6 — Sterling Silver Rainbow Moonstone Infinity Pendant, $78

Shop the Pendant here and the Infinity Collection here.

7 — Alchemia Black Druse Teardrop Earrings, $87

Shop the Earrings here and the Druse Teardrop Collection here.

8 — Fine Sterling Silver Stackable Ring Collection, $15 each

8A — Sterling Silver Forever with a Twist Ring | Shop here

8B — SterlingSilver Swirl Ring | Shop here

8C — Sterling Silver Amor Ring | Shop here

Shop the Fine Sterling Silver Stackable Ring Collection here.

9 — Alchemia Spanish Coin Bracelet, $120

Shop the Bracelet here and the entire Spanish Coin Collection here.

10 Alchemia Fossil Shark Teeth Bracelet, $120

Shop the Bracelet here and the Shark Tooth Collection here.

11  Alchemia Glittery Red Resin Rose Pendant, $45

Shop the Ring here and the Resin Rose Collection here.

FEATURE: These hand-carved Resin Roses have been a staple in the Charles Albert line for years. These are also a great place to start if you're just getting your feet wet when it comes to statement jewelry! Here's a tip: Although our Glittery Red Resin Rose styles are ultra-feminine, they can still be toned down and roughed up with a leather jacket and combat boots.

12  Alchemia Tree of Life Adjustable Ring, $45

Shop the Ring here and the Tree of Life Collection here.

13  Alchemia Stick Earrings, $30

Shop the Earrings here and the Stick Earring Collection here.

FEATURE: Truth be told! These Stick Earrings have become a crowd favorite, not only here at our HQ but with our customers, too. These simple yet sleek and stylish earrings are the perfect go-to when you need that final touch to complete your outfit. In both Alchemia Zero Karat Gold and our .950 Fine Sterling Silver, these earrings are sure to elevate your look.

14  Sterling Silver Oval Red Abalone Drop Earrings, $102

Shop the Earrings here and the Red Abalone Collection here.

FEATURE: If these aren't the ultimate Christmas gift, we don't know what else is! The bright reds and deep swirls create a unique and one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry. Just like it's counterpart, the Sun Pendant, this delicate Abalone Shell was retrieved from a sea snail and color enhanced to create a classic shade of red every woman should have in her jewelry box.


We know this year looks a bit different for everybody so as the Holiday's approach, we wanted to share a Gift Guide to hopefully relieve the shopping stress! 

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