October 02, 2019 1 min read 0 Comments

Halloween inspired jewelry shouldn't have to sit in your closet for a whole year! We've made Halloween fashionable by designing a daring collection that any edgy jewelry fanatic will absolutely fall in love with. Check out a few of our favorite Roses, Skulls & Crystal charms that'll make you swoon.

Each piece has either a matching earring, charm pendant, bracelet or ring. Have fun mixing and matching these affordable bold and daring accessories!


Alchemia Gold Pink Rose, Bone Skull and Crystal Pendant     Trendy Shark Tooth and Bone Skull Alchemia Gold Pendant  Alchemia Gold Obsidian Arrowhead and Bone Skull Pendant



Alchemia Gold Hoops Black Obsidian Skull   Alchemia gold clear quartz crystals, bone skull and blue rose drop earrings  Statement Alchemia Gold red resin rose, bone skull and black obsidian arrowhead earrings



Black Obsidian Skull and Red resin rose Alchemia Gold braceletAlchemia Gold Charm bracelet with evil eye, black obsidian, turquoise, sharks tooth and bone skull






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