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Upcoming Jewelry Trends According to Stylist Maeve Reilly

Today's top fashion stylists essentially frame the way we perceive what's popular and what's not. If you think about it, celebrities aren't the ones who create fashion statements -- their stylists do!We're highlighting the work of stylists who have been developing jewelry trends in Hollywood for quite some time. 

Our first feature has dressed the likes of Hailey Bieber, Kendall Jenner, and Ashlee Simpson, while her work has appeared in magazines like Vogue and Elle. She is also known as the Stylist to bridge the gap between celebrities and well-established brands. Her aesthetic is well received across the industry and she will always be our go-to on what's happening in fashion. See how Maeve Reilly is developing jewelry trends through their recent work:

Silver Hoops

Whether dainty or statement, gold chains were a recurring theme in 2019. Surprisingly, pop culture seems to be taking a turn. Silver is creeping its way into the hearts of today's celebs and we're honestly loving it. We've seen Billie Eilish rock her signature gunmetal silver chains for quite some time and it seems like the rest of the fashion world is starting to perk their ears. Here are some of our fave Fine Sterling Silver styles.


Geometric Statement Earrings

The Statement Earring trend has been up and down throughout the years, but according to Reilly, it's here to stay. Lala Anthony is pictured in a pair of heavy-duty gem-encrusted earrings and she looks amazing! Geometric earrings are one of our specialties and we love creating funky designs with different triangular shapes. Whether you dress statement earrings up or down, you will definitely be the most fashionable gal in your group chat.


Layering Rings

If you look closely, you'll notice a recurring theme in nearly every Maeve Reilly look. She loves stacking rings to create beautiful and detailed layers. Dainty rings can bring forth that extra level of feminity and glam without over glamorizing the outfit. Some of our favorite dainty rings are midis or anything solid and chic. Take a note from Reilly and add one or two to your jewelry collection.

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