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Get to know the Artisans that make Charles Albert happen!

Of course you want to know how your unique handmade jewelry is created. You want to be able to trust that the pieces you adore are made by Artisans who are well compensated for their craft. Charles Albert is a well-known and trusted brand that creates honest work nationally and abroad. Charles Albert has helped create jobs for over 40 artisans in Taxco, Mexico.


Meet the Artisans

Charles Albert works with an exceptional group of artisans. Father and son duo Trinidad and Juan Manuel, Martin, Martha and Gabriel are the main shop managers. Work is distributed from the workshop managers and circulated fairly amongst the 40 or so individual artisans that receive their work from the shops. Each artisan basically acts as their own boss, bringing Charles Albert designs to fruition. Artisans can work from home on their own time, and not only create unique handmade pieces but care for their families as well.


About Taxco, Mexico (Our Artisans Hometown)

 William Spratling

Silver and metalsmithing runs deep in the veins of Taxco, Mexico - one of the oldest mining sites. Taxco became famed for its silver mines and legendary artisans with their revolutionary silver jewelry creations. Silver and metalsmithing was the heart of Taxco, Mexico and it had for a time, died. William Spratling, a professor of architecture in the U.S. was integral to bringing back what made Taxco, well...Taxco. The same beauty and talent Spratling saw, also drew Charles Albert to the state of Guerrero with its overarching Santa Prisca Cathedral clinging to the skyline like a storybook picture, and its lush green mountains enveloping the city in its grip. Taxco's beauty is entrenched in its soil and every piece of jewelry that is birthed from its womb. It is no wonder Charles Albert also chose it as the production epicenter of his Fine Sterling Silver and Alchemía jewelry collections.


Taxco, Mexico Travel Hot Spots! 

Let us bring you along the ideal Taxco itinerary, recommended by us and our fellow Artisans living in the town.


1. Catedral de Santa Prisca

Also known as the Santa Prisca Church, this is one of the most extravagant churches in Mexico. Located on the east side of the main plaza of Taxco, you can't miss this beautiful church and the sights from above.

2. Zocalo

Also known as the main square of Taxco, this plaza is an amazing place to see the culture and people watch! This square is full of history you wouldn't want to miss on your trip to Mexico.

Zocolo in Taxco Mexico

3.  Cristo Monumental del Cerrodel Atache 

Towering above the city on the Cerro del Atache hill, this statue is one of Taxco's main tourist attractions. The views are nothing you have seen before! 

4. Tianguis Silver Market (Of Course!)

Set up in town every Saturday, the Silver Market is where many skilled artisans come out of the hills to sell their handmade jewelry. This is a great place to grab a few jewelry pieces to remember this great town! 

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