April 09, 2019 2 min read

The Top 3 Accessories You'll Spot At Coachella 2019

If you are not a fashion blogger, influencer or celebrity, you've probably been saving for months in order to attend the monumental kick off to festival season. Coachella has graced the state of California since 1999 and has morphed into a high-performance whimsical phenomenon. We're bringing you the best bold and brilliant jewelry trends that we're forecasting for Coachella 2019.

*Most of the jewelry that we have pictured below are unique one of one pieces that are not listed online. To ensure that you receive the exact item that you are looking for, please call into our office at 1-800-410-1112. We're open on Monday-Friday from 9am-5:30 pm Eastern.


#1 - Titanium Treated Quartz

Quartz has made a reputation for itself as being the stone that you've heard of even if you're not into stones. Otherwise known as Rainbow Quartz, this stone has rocked its way around Coachella since it's inception. Coachella's audience is known for loving all things bohemian and colorful, so Titanium Treated Quartz is the perfect fit. Our Fine Sterling Silver Titanium Treated Quartz Pendants are so mesmerizing because although they appear blue, once the light hits their charming exterior, it creates a rainbow iridescence. We also design unique one of a kind Titanium Treated Quartz skull rings that both fun and funky! Whether you choose the dazzling purple or the lustrous blue, your fingers will be thanking you for dressing them up.

Sterling Silver Titanium treated quartz pendants with shiny purple and blue skull ringsFashion blogger wearing quartz pendant with skull rings in denim jacket



#2 - Multi-Finger Knuckle Rings

Multi-Finger Knuckle Rings go in and out of style throughout the year. Once festival season is upon us, these babies automatically become trendy again. Coachella is all about unleashing your inner flower child and our Multi-Finger Knuckle Rings accomplish this with ease. If your style calls for mixing and matching stones, you'll obsess over our Knuckle Rings. You'll be spotting all different kinds of ring styles this festival season!

Fashion blogger in denim jacket poses in Mother of Pearl and Obsidian Knuckle RingsFashion blogger in denim jacket poses in Pyrite knuckle ring along with stone arrowhead ring

#3 - Statement Necklaces

I think it's fair to say that the fashion culture surrounding Coachella is known for being grandeur and sometimes a little bit intense. If you're on your way to Coachella this year, make sure you've planned your outfits and that you're also bringing your best pieces forward! Statement necklaces have been a huge part of the festival culture and here at Charles Albert, we do it best. Our Obsidian Statement Necklaces are both daring and glamorous! We assure you that if you're wearing one of these, you'll be the center of attention in a desert full of people!

Fashion blogger wears Coachella outfit in denim jacket and Sterling Silver obsidian skull necklacePhoto of Alchemia Obsidian Arrowhead Necklaces with Sterling Silver Obsidian Skull Necklace

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