Alchemia Nautilus Shell Adjustable Ring

ITEM# AR-6308


  • Handcrafted in Mexico.
  • Lead Free, Nickel Free, Hypoallergenic.
  • Baked lacquer finish to protect metal from turning or tarnishing.
  • Nautilus Shell: 33mm x 25mm.
  • 10mm thick.
  • Adjustable 7mm Shank.
  • Fits ring sizes: 5-10.
  • Shell will vary in color, and size!

My, My, Mai Tai's

Can you imagine oceanfront resort style living every day, the subtle spritz of salt across your lips and bottomless Mai Tai’s—living the dream. What can make it better?An Alchemia Nautilus Shell Ring of course. Even better, the whole set of these unadulterated beauties.

The nautilus shell has become an icon of renewal and expansion because over its lifetime the chambers of the shell grow larger and larger. It is a thriving representation of reaching one's pinnacle and it definitely doesn’t hurt that our nautilus shell jewelry is charming too.Grab theAlchemia Multi-Shell Bracelet (Nautilus), Alchemia Nautilus Shell Pendant, Post Earrings or the Alchemia Nautilus Shell Mini Cuff for a chic coastal look.

  • Representative of renewal
  • Hallmarked for quality


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