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Your Earring Style Guide to Create a Capsule Collection in Your Closet 

Earrings can be one of the most forgotten pieces of jewelry to add to your outfit. We tend to wear our favorite, everyday hoops or studs so they match with any wardrobe items. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that! We are very guilty of doing that as well, here at Charles Albert HQ. However, wouldn't it be great to create a collection of earrings to match any seasons/occasions of life. Just to add a little something...


Keep reading if you want to know what earring styles we would put together with different wardrobe options. Let's have some fun! 

Spring, Girly Styles

Spring is the best time of year to make things fun! We are talking fashion here. As we start to bring out our colorful pieces and skirts, that goes the same for earrings! Who wouldn't want to wear fun hoops or stars?!

Alchemia Triple Threat Hoop Earrings 

Alchemia Star Drop Earrings

Summer, Casual Styles 

These super cute summer outfits definitely need some earrings to dress it up or even add a little something to it- below are some Charles Albert styles you can wear for the Summer that will go perfectly with your lightweight, fun wardrobe. 

Alchemia Replica Treasure Coin Earrings 

Alchemia Pearl Drop Earrings 


Fall, Modern Styles 

As Fall comes around, long sleeves and pants come into play! Depending on where you live, Fall can be chilly or just a little breeze. Below are some styles we would pair with outfits like these.

Alchemia Pyrite Post Earrings 

Alchemia Smokey Quartz Trillion Rope Post Earrings 


Winter, Edgy Styles

Winter outfits are by far the most exciting time of year! Fashion really takes a huge role when it comes to Winter fashion. Below are our favorite styles that go perfectly with these outfits styled by Kendall Jenner. 

Alchemia Black Druzy Teardrop Earrings

Alchemia Triangle Post Earrings

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