Alchemia Frog Bone Pendant

ITEM# AUP41958

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  • Handcrafted in Mexico.
  • Lead Free, Nickle Free, Hypoallergenic.
  • Baked Lacquer finish to protect metal from turning or tarnishing.
  • Bone: 37mm x 39mm.
  • From Bale: 2 1/4".

Attract The Energy Of Prosperity



You feel connected to the frog—and for good reason. Frogs across cultures are highly regarded. So much so they’ve even become popular in body art. Symbolizing prosperity, wealth, friendship and abundance the frog has become an empowering and enduring symbol even in present day. The Alchemia Frog Bone Pendant makes a powerful gift to the frog lover in your life or to wish a special person good luck.



  • Casual day and evening wear
  • Frogs symbolize prosperity, wealth, friendship and abundance
  • Believed to bring good luck to the home
  • Symbol of fertility and purity in certain cultures
  • Hallmarked for quality