Alchemia Moldavite Goddess Pendant

ITEM# AP-6277


  • Handcrafted in Mexico.
  • Lead Free, Nickel Free, Hypoallergenic.
  • Baked lacquer finish to protect metal from turning or tarnishing.
  • Moldavite: 14mm x 9mm.
  • 5mm thick.
  • Alchemia Woman: 41mm.
  • Bale: 9mm x 7mm.
  • Length of pendant including bale: 2.5".
  • Stone will vary in color, size and shape!

The Goddess Inside

Celebrate your inner Goddess with this fine Alchemia Moldavite Goddess Pendant.In this pendant, the elegant outstretched Goddess is centered holding the prized moldavite stone above her head. Her arms form a full moon. In cultures around the world, the Goddess has represented the divine feminine and the intuitive nature of women.

The moon was also an important celestial being that aided the ancients in the measure of time. It was also a guide for travel across land and sea. The pendant comes to a culmination at its point with olive moldavite as its centerpiece, which extraordinarily enough has become a respected stone of greatness. It is also thought to be born of the stars. The belief is that it was created when a meteorite collided with mother earth bringing this celestial pendant to completion.




  • Moldavite is said to counteract cynicism
  • Said to connect wearers to the universe
  • Said to ease doubts and calm money worries by providing solutions
  • For day and evening wear
  • Hallmarked for quality