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  • June 11, 2019 2 min read

    DIY: How To Create Attention-Getting Summer Flat Lays

    Whether you're striving to become a social media guru or you just enjoy trying new creative DIY projects to brighten up your Instagram feed, flat lays are the perfect way to get your creative juices flowing!

    Check out a few of our favorite summer flat lays:

    The "Pack-It In" Flat Lay

    Beauty and fashion flatlay with lipstick pearl hair clip and colourpop makeup palette

    The Food Flat Lay

    Lemon bread dessert flatlay with eggs and lemon on marble countertop

    The Bed Flat Lay

    Vogue magazine flatlay with glossier skincare and stylish earrings


    How To Make Them:

    To create a beautiful summer flat lay, you really only need to follow a few guidelines. Following these will ensure that your Instagram or Facebook feed looks clean, fresh and very much like the season!

    1. Keep It Simple

    Just because there are people stuffing as many things into a flat lay as possible, does not mean that you have to. Yes, we love a packed flat lay as much as anyone else, but it isn't the easiest way to go. Pick out five or six items that you want to showcase, arrange them in an organized manner and you'll be good to go.

    2. Know Your Angles

    Something to remember is that flat lays don't have to be taken from an aerial point of view. In the bed flat lay above, the photo is taken at an angle and is still just as captivating as an aerial flat lay. Try different angles and see what works best for the products you're trying to showcase.

    3. Get Creative

    A flat lay isn't a flat lay without your creativity. Look for inspiration but don't imitate. Spend some time scrolling through the Instagram hashtag #flatlay and get a few ideas. Take bits and pieces from other styles and make something that is uniquely and utterly you! 

     - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

    If you create a few flat lays this summer, tag us @charlesalbertjewelry! We would love to see how you got creative!


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