Fine sterling silver welded into rings that are linked together


Fine is Our Quality Stamp of Approval

We don't use the word Fine in our Sterling Silver collections just for kicks. It really is Fine Sterling Silver. Charles Albert uses the highest grade of silver in all of his collections. All of our pieces are .950 silver, containing 95% pure silver and 5% copper for strength.

From Silver Pellets to Fine Sterling Silver

Our silver begins as small silver pellets. These precious, premium pellets are then melted down and pressed into long silver sheets. The sheets are then cut into strips that will later be tailored to the uniqueness of each stone, fossil or mineral. When heated the silver becomes malleable enough for our skilled artisans to manipulate into the design Charles Albert designated per each individual stone. If necessary a silver counter bezel is then placed inside the silver casing to hold the stones in place.

Next, thicker sheets of silver are created to make bales which are used for pendants and bands for adjustable rings. You can be assured each piece is set firmly in place by the most experienced hands.

At the final stage, once the stone is secured inside the silver bezel, it is polished, cleaned and made ready for sale. From start to finish, our jewelry making process is done completely by hand, by expert artisans dedicated to their craft. For instance, a single finished necklace can take up to a month to create. But, on average our pieces take between 8-12 weeks to produce.

Grade A Artisans

Without the practiced and dedicated Taxco, Mexico artisans on our team we could not produce the unique handmade jewelry you have come to trust. Because of our superior artisans, we have been producing Charles Albert Fine Sterling Silver since 1998 and will continue to provide the jewelry that keeps you unique.

alchemia "zero karat gold"

how to care for alchemia

Store each piece in an individual bag or pouch. This will minimize scratching.

Lotions, oils, perfumes, cosmetics, and hairspray can cause damage to jewelry. To avoid damage, put on jewelry after using any of these products.

To clean, use warm soapy water and then dry with a soft cloth. We recommend that you DO NOT use polishing cloths or any metals cleaners on Alchemía pieces. The lacquer may become compromised. This will cause jewelry to tarnish.

Never dip jewelry in any liquid cleaners. This could damage to stones and will harm the protective lacquer.

fine sterling silver

how to care for silver

Each piece should be stored in its own bag or pouch to minimize scratching and tarnishing. By using re-closable plastic bags, you will keep the air away. Air along with chemicals contribute and accelerate tarnishing of sterling silver jewelry.

Put jewelry on after use of lotions, oils, cosmetics, hairspray and perfumes. These and other chemicals can cause damage to stones and/or metals.

To clean, use warm soapy water and then dry with a soft cloth or polishing cloth. Use polishing cloth on metal portion of jewelry only. Polishing cloths are impregnated with a chemical cleaner. Chemical is non-toxic and non-allergenic. Cloth will clean and polish gold, silver and other precious metals.

Never dip jewelry in liquid cleaners. This could cause damage to stones.