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    Charles Albert

    The Evolution of Charles Albert Inc.

    The bedroom office was congested with jewelry and invoices were sprawled across the floor. It was just the president and founder, Charles Albert, at first. So a bedroom-office-inventory-room was, well, doable and affordable. Charles Albert® sold costume jewelry by phone because at its inception in 1990 the internet didn't rule the world. 

    Oddly enough, at the start of Charles Albert®, he knew nothing about jewelry, but he did know sales. Combining a love for odd gemstones and minerals with some selling know-how made a little magic. When his wife Beth came along in 1992, Charles Albert® started to take off. And though business was flourishing it wouldn't be enough to just sell costume jewelry. Charles Albert® had to be top-tier.

    Because Taxco, Mexico was world-renowned for its silver jewelry and Artisans they started there. The initial Taxco trip meant to simply source handmade sterling silver jewelry transformed rapidly. In the 90's everyone was pretty much selling identical jewelry and that got boring fast. Not wanting to blend in, the resolution became - standing out. Designing a fearless, unique line of handmade jewelry was the goal. Charles Albert® has been in business for over 30 years and has built a radical, fair-trade relationship with over 40, brilliant Taxco Artisans that help them bring their in-house designs to life.

    Charles Albert® began producing unique, handmade Fine Sterling Silver in 1998. Using a variety of over 100 raw, natural and organic stones handpicked from around the world to create unmatched, high-quality jewelry using 95% pure Fine Sterling Silver. Before long, Charles Albert® began garnering attention for unsurpassed quality, trendsetting designs and a commitment to customer service.

    By 2009, Charles Albert® was really going places, and though grateful for their success, something was missing. They began work on a new line of jewelry Alchemía (pronounced al-KHEM-ee-uh). After several months of trial and error with their team of Artisans, they touched on a breakthrough in metalsmithing. The team successfully created a nontarnishable secret blend of metals, gold in color through and through, that looks and feels like 18K gold, only much more affordable. Released in 2011, Alchemia was named after the mystical craft of Alchemy where ancient alchemist strove to turn lead into gold. They worked tirelessly to also ensure that Alchemía was nickel-free, lead-free and hypoallergenic.

    Charles Albert believes that if you are going to wear handmade jewelry, it should be the best handmade jewelry. This maxim has served them well and helped them evolve into a brand that the everyday woman, celebrities, stylists and global fashion magazine editors have come to love. Their mission has always been, and will continue to be to "Become a well known and trusted leader in the fashion Industry." As their vision stands, they will continue to push the boundaries of fashion, and aid women in expressing themselves with unashamed, statement pieces that need no introduction.


    In business for over 30 years, Charles Albert® is celebrated for its innovative designs and high-quality, handmade jewelry. The brand has evolved into one of the premier manufacturers of jewelry. Designing and manufacturing both Fine Sterling Silver and Alchemía 'Zero Karat Gold', Charles Albert hand selects each mineral, fossil, and gemstone used in both lines. Stones & unusual materials are sourced from around the world, designed in Florida and handmade by skilled Artisans in Mexico. These Artisans have been with Charles Albert® from its inception, and are some of the most talented metalsmiths in the world.

    Fine Sterling Silver: (1998-Present)

    Each piece of jewelry from Charles Albert® is truly handmade. All sterling silver pieces start out as tiny silver pellets. They are then melted and formed into long silver sheets, which are cut out into strips. Strips of silver are then carefully conformed to the edge of each stone. This allows Charles Albert® designs to use natural, raw and organic stones in their jewelry. Everything you see in the final product is done by hand, making it a one-of-a-kind piece of art.

    Alchemía 'Zero Karat Gold': (2011- Present)

    In August of 2011, Charles Albert® introduced Alchemía. He wanted to fill a noticeable void in the accessories market by providing an accessible alternative to gold jewelry. This line is also handmade and has the same superior quality of his fine sterling silver pieces. The company created a cost-effective option to more expensive metals. Charles Albert chose to call the collection Alchemía (pronounced al-KHEM-ee-uh), the Latin word for "alchemy" - the ancient craft of seeking to transform lesser metals into gold.

    • Alchemía or 'Zero Karat Gold' is not plated. The gold color is throughout which sets Charles Albert® apart from most fashion jewelry.
    • The metal is nickel free, lead-free and lacquered, thus making it hypoallergenic. A strong and flexible lacquer is used to protect the metal from turning or tarnishing, while still allowing the rings and cuffs to be easily adjusted.

    Kesha Rose by Charles Albert: (2012 - 2015)

    In 2012, Charles Albert® teamed up with International Pop sensation, Kesha, to create a jewelry line. Kesha Rose by Charles Albert, combined the Charles Albert® brand's high-quality and contemporary aesthetic, with the singer's distinctive personality. This line was created by Kesha and Charles as a collaboration. Kesha came to the studio, picked out stones and they designed the collections together.