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Affordable & High-Quality Holiday Jewelry Gift Guide 2019

In search of high-quality jewelry without breaking the bank? We carry affordable adornments that with proper care, will last for years to come. We also offer free repairs, so if anything does happen to your loved one's gorgeous gift, you can ship it to our HQ where we'll make it look and feel brand new!

Check out what we've hand-picked for your beloved... 

Affordable and high quality jewelry gifts for the holidays

1. Sterling Silver Platinum Teardrop Druse Earrings $117
Looking to finally bring the drama to this year's Christmas party? These earrings are not only the perfect statement piece for the holidays, but they automatically bring the "it-girl" factor to any party.

2. Alchemia Wave Cuff $60
This solid Alchemia gold cuff is the ultimate rock star of cuffs. It brings the holiday spirit and its sheen creates for amazing conversation! It also pairs perfectly with any of our Zero Karat Gold neckwires.

3. Fine Sterling Silver Luminite Adjustable Ring $105

Luminite is one of our hidden gems! It is a manmade stone that glows just as bright, if not brighter, than any iridescent stone. If you have a woman in your life that has a love for gemstones, this is the perfect grandeur Christmas gift.

4. Alchemia Prong Set Amethyst Ring $90
We believe that every woman should own a cocktail ring. If you love purple, this gorgeous amethyst prong set ring is what you're missing in your jewelry box.

5. Sterling Silver Mother of Pearl Tree of Life Drop Earrings $60

The Tree of Life represents development and beauty. As you roll into the new year, these earrings are a symbol of strength and growth. This piece is also an amazing value for a Fine Sterling Silver and Mother of Pearl combination.

6. Alchemia Boy on Dolphin Pendant $30

Some say that the idea of a boy riding a dolphin was taken from the 1957 movie and others say that it is an old Greek tale. Either way, this coin is an affordable addition to your holiday gift list.

7. Sterling Silver Bone Sun Pendant $66

Bring the holiday joy with any of our charming sun pendants. Whether in Fine Sterling Silver or Alchemia Zero Karat Gold, these pendants help you bring the positivity. 

8. Alchemia Blue Topaz, Biwa Pearl & Amethyst Pendant $150

This pendant is one of our favorites because it screams class and luxury. With Blue Topaz, three stunning Biwa Pearls, and a beautifully cut Amethyst, this pendant is a triple threat.

9. Sterling Silver Mystic Quartz Rectangular Prong Set Ring $207

If you're not such a purple girl but would like to add a cocktail ring to your jewelry collection, this Mystic Quartz stone set in .950 Fine Sterling Silver is definitely a fan favorite.

10. Alchemia Matte Wide Collar $150
Another statement piece that we find ourselves breaking out every Thanksgiving and Christmas is our wide collar. This piece wears well with any outfit, bringing the va-va-voom to your occasions.

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