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  • July 07, 2020 4 min read

    Charles Albert believes that if you're going to wear handmade jewelry, it should be the highest quality. This expression has served them well and helped them evolve as a brand that everyday women, celebrities, stylists and editors of global fashion magazines have come to love. Their mission has always been, and will continue to be, "To become a known and trusted leader in the fashion industry.” What you probably didn't know is that each of our gemstones, minerals and materials we design with has a metaphysical meaning that you can identify with. Discover how each stone can influence you in a positive way.

    Recycled Glass

    Have you ever seen a mermaid? If you haven't, then you’ve definitely never seen a mermaid cry either! It is said that the glass on the beach is the tears that the mermaids shed when a sailor drowns at sea. This mythical tale makes owning a recycled glass bracelet even more interesting. Blue cobalt lights, gray storm clouds and green seaweed lights makeup for these elegant accessories.

    Multi-color gemstone necklace


    A unique and different stone/crystal is Luminite. Although it is a synthetic stone, it is said to help keep its owner firmly on the ground and helps the holder to concentrate. This stone amplifies the light and shines with a stunning green, blue and pink hue. It’s flash is one of the most beautiful we’ve seen and is completely irresistible.

    Multi-shape gemstone necklace


    The energy provided by Jasper is full of warmth. This stone helps you understand that you can stay committed and determined without exhausting yourself or ruining your health.

    The Jasper creates a full circle around your body, where both yin (feminine) and yang (masculine) energy are balanced and support each other. Jasper is especially useful for people who are easily exhausted.

    It will help achieve a subtle balance between giving and receiving and can teach you how to stay balanced and restore your internal energy resources. It is an earthly stone that warms the soul and clears the mind.


    Green gemstone gold cuff


    Mystic Quartz is a natural quartz that is said to increase the good feelings and energy of its wearer. It is also believed to be a crystal that helps dissipate negativity and provides protection against harmful atmospheres. Physically, Quartz is said to be a stabilizer and a balancer. In traditional Hindu belief systems, Quartz is associated with the balancing of the crown chakra, which aids in higher consciousness.

    Blue gemstone wave cuff


    Pyrite radiates optimistic and joyful energy that is also solid and grounded in the earth. Pyrite is overprotective and can protect you from negative energies while promoting a state of happiness and joy. Versatile Pyrite can also share its qualities of brightness and solid glow to facilitate better judgment and a clear state of mind. Pyrite will give you the optimism, clarity, and physical stamina necessary to carry out any of your projects.

    Gold stone drop earrings


    In nature, Turquoise is mainly found in places where there is a high concentration of copper in the soil. The blue color is due to the Copper in the stone while the green is due to the Iron. Turquoise is known to have been used as jewelry for millions of years; some say at least as early as 6000 BC by the early Egyptians. The name Turquoise is derived from the French Turks because it was first brought to Europe through Turkey from the Persian mines. Turquoise is beneficial for the whole body because it is a general healer for all diseases. It is said to improve communication, friendship, and healing! It is also known for its relaxation skills, promotes good fortune and serenity.

    Blue gemstone sterling silver pendant


    Abalone strengthens the structure of the body and the functions of the heart chakra. Both the Pearl and the Abalone shell have the same divine meaning. They are both closely connected to the sea and they represent the tides of emotion. It also develops an easy flow of feelings and sensitivities towards others. Abalone is known to be connected to the family -- specifically, to motherhood. It brings harmony in relationships and the play on colors represent change as the beauty of existence.

    Red rose gold ring



    Purple Amethyst has been highly prized throughout the ages for its stunning beauty and legendary powers to stimulate and calm the mind and emotions. It is a semi-precious stone in today's classifications, but for the ancients, it was a "Gem of Fire". Amethyst is a precious stone that, sometimes in history, was worth as much as a diamond. In case you didn’t know, this is the birthstone for February babies! Amethyst has always been associated with the month of February and it carries the energy of fire, passion, creativity, and spirituality. 

    Purple sun pendant


    Blue Topaz

    Blue is the color of calm and tranquility. It can help us channel relaxing energies and fight chaos and negative emotions. Traditionally, the icy blue tones of the Topaz gems are associated with learning, understanding, creative inspiration and peaceful communication. It is also the birthstone for those born in December.

    Small blue gemstone gold bracelet


    Because of its connection to cosmic energies, Lapis Lazuli is believed to also provide protection and shield the wearer from negative influences. The color of the water element of the stone helps to purify the lower energies of the body and to align it with higher and healthier vibrations.

    The energy of Lapis Lazuli can also help a person become more aware and therefore easily access and express their own truth. Lapis Lazuli activates a life of more intelligence, success, and an unwavering inner balance and power that is linked to ancient connections.

    Blue gemstone star bracelet



    The vibration of these lovely lemon green stones resonates with the frequency of rise, making it a remarkable gem for the manifestation of all desired things. It can increase confidence and firmness, balance patience and clarity of thought. Known as a stone of prosperity and happiness, this lovely lemon green stone is the birthstone for August babies!


    Green gemstone sterling silver drop earrings

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