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  • December 27, 2019 2 min read

    If you haven't noticed, 2019 brought vintage all the way back! We've all heard it said before... What goes around, comes around, but we think it's safe to say that the vintage vibes are here to stay. Our go-to look for the New Year has to be the re-inspired Victorian blouse. This blouse has been a staple in Instagram culture for the past year and we're not ready to give it up!

    Here are the brands that are doing it the right way along with the jewelry you'll need to complete your 2020 look.


    1. Chic Me

     Chic Me | Charles Albert New Years Eve Outfits

    This Chic Me Victorian Inspired top is one of our favorites because it's color pairs perfectly with our Nautilus Shell Earrings. The off-white, almost beige top works so well with a medium wash denim pant, allowing you to wear it time and time again.

    Wear with our Alchemia Nautilus Shell Earrings for a modern twist on a classic staple:

    Nautilus Shell Earrings


    2. Orseund Iris

    Orseund Iris | Charles Albert New Years Eve Outfits

    Orseund Iris has become a leader in luxury and bespoke re-imagined Victorian designs. From clean white corsets to un-buttonable sleeves, Orseund Iris has taken on a style of its own. This is one of our favorite blouses for the new year and the trend is definitely here to stay.

    Layer up with a few of your favorite dainty Alchemia Zero Karat Gold pendants:

    Alchemia Zero Karat Gold Spanish Coin Pendant

    3. Reformation

     Reformation Blouse | Charles Albert New Year Outfit Ideas 2020

    Reformation, like Orseund Iris, is the place to go for well thought modern bohemian designs. Their site hosts many options for the woman who doesn't mind paying just a bit extra to balance her love for fashion and sustainability.

    So what to wear with your new handmade blouse? Our Alchemia Hoop Earring is the perfect pick. It adds the cherry on top to an already flawless look.

    Alchemia Hoop Earring


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