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  • July 19, 2022 2 min read

    Follow the Newest Trend: Clean, Simple, & Minimalist Jewelry

    Seasons change and trends change. However, one thing to remember: simple, minimalistic jewelry is here to stay! Now more than ever, people are seeking a simple look. You might have heard of the "clean girl" look trending amongst the Gen Z generation. That trend involves a clean, slick bun, neutral color outfits, simple and dainty jewelry, and lastly glowy skin/makeup. One of the main components of that style is to curate a collection of jewelry pieces you can match with anything and even together! 


    Let's Talk About Hoops

    It is no secret that small, dainty hoops are becoming everyone's new best friend. It's a statement piece without it being overly in your face. You can say that this ongoing trend originated from Hailey Bieber's iconic style featuring small hoop earrings. The picture below features three different sizes - 30mm, 45mm, and 60mm.

    Alchemia High Polish Hoop Earrings


    Subtle, Stackable Rings are "It"

    Layering necklaces but make it stacking rings. As you may have seen, many people are now purchasing teeny, tiny rings that are easily stackable. Instead of having one big ring for your hand, people are now making the change towards small, dainty rings AND MANY of them! Do not be shy to wear multiple rings on one hand. The more, the merrier in this case! 

    Dainty Rings



    Gold Jewelry is Becoming More & More Popular

    As seen on many models and celebrities, a lot of people are loving gold jewelry instead of silver. It is obviously personal preference, however if you are one of the many people admiring this trend, we have the perfect "gold" pieces for you. Our Alchemia, otherwise known as "Zero Karat Gold" is our Charles Albert specialty. Below are some of our favorite Alchemia pieces! 

    Alchemia Pearl Mini Cuff



     Alchemia Endless Mid-Finger Ring 

    Alchemia Replica Spanish Coin Pendant 

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