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  • julio 15, 2022 2 min read

    How to Properly Layer: A Step-by-step Guide 

    Ever wonder how people can layer their necklaces so perfectly? In addition, it somehow never tangles? Mastering the layer effect and picking out the right chains can be daunting and simply just time consuming. We are here to make it easy for you in a step-by-step guide. So next time you are running late to your weekend dinner and still want to look chic, you will know exactly what to grab in your collection in order to achieve an effortless, layered look.


    1. Start by finding your "base" necklace 

    Everything in life starts with a foundation or "base". In this text, we are going to talk about a base for your layered necklace look. It is important to find a simple, perfect short length as the first necklace in your stack. You want all your chains or necklaces to be various lengths to achieve this particular style. Your shortest base necklace should be anywhere from 15-17 inches long that way you can add longer lengths after. Grab one of our Gold Tone Chains to start your layering process! 


    2. Mix & Match Your Chains and Pendants

    The key to layering is to have fun with it! Try out different chain sizes and styles. Your layering style is completely customizable to YOU! Play around with thin and thick chains - however, our expert tip is to stack different designs. Our website has many variations of chains that will add a stylish touch to any outfit. In addition to just chains, pendants play a huge role in accenting your style. We recommend your largest pendant to go on your longest chain. Too many pendants can also be cluttering and distracting. One to two pendants will make the look standout! 


    3. The Rule of 3 

    It goes without saying, less is more! Three necklaces is more than enough when it comes to achieving the perfect look. Of course, you can add more layers; we promise you won't get in trouble! Tangles come into the picture when more layers are added. We personally love the simplistic, timeless glow a 3 layered look appears. 


    4.  Experiment with Color (and/or Neutrals!)

    When you want to achieve the perfect layers, you have to experiment! You might get it to how you want to look on the first try however, it could take a few tries with different lengths or pieces to get it to look right. Start with jewelry you already have and measure their lengths. Then treat yourself to a chain/necklace with the correct length you need. It is always fun to incorporate a pop of color to your stack; it could be one pendant! Our website has many different pendants with a wide range of styles to colors that could kickstart your new look. 



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