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  • Alchemia "Zero Karat Gold"


    how ALCHEMÍA is created

    Unique Handmade Jewelry does not just materialize. Jewelry of the highest quality, such that is designed by Charles Albert and handmade by the finest metal smiths in Taxco, Mexico takes innovation, persistence, and refinement.

    Alchemía or 'Zero Karat Gold' is an evolution of design and artisanship and the first of its kind. It takes its name from the Latin word for Alchemy, an ancient mythical craft of transforming lesser metals into gold, a symbol of perfection.

    Charles Albert uses a blend of base metals that when combined give the look and feel of 18 karat gold. Alchemía or 'Zero Karat Gold' is unique in design and is one of the first non-tarnish, water resistant metals of its kind. All Charles Albert jewelry is handmade by the finest Artisans in Taxco, Mexico. Alchemia boasts the following:

    • Lead free, nickel free & cadmium free.
    • Water resistant, non-tarnish
    • Strong baked lacquer finish to protect metal and also makes the item hypoallergenic.
    • Not plated. The color you see is throughout the piece and then lacquered.
    • Handmade since 2011

    Alchemia being melted by fire

    magic of alchemy

    Alchemy was a spiritual endeavor; it was not simply about making gold. The inner pursuit of spiritual wholeness and the highest form of spiritual growth and development was also a focus.

    In these times, gold was said to contain the perfect balance of fire, air, water, and earth. Seen as the most superior element, being able to create gold was viewed as magical.

    You can see how this quest was not something easily abandoned but pursued the world over from Asia to Africa and Europe.

    Solid Sheet of Alchemia


    After mixing metals together, Alchemía is formulated and pressed into a metal sheets. These metal sheets are then cut out and made into the shapes of each distinct gemstone, mineral or fossil being used.

    Whether it is for the bezels in all of our jewelry, the bales on pendants or the shanks on rings, our Artisans, with a keen eye, meticulously forge the metal into a coherent Charles Albert original.

    Charles Albert Alchemia Jewelry

    class of their own

    Though inspired by the ancient mythical craft of alchemy, Charles Albert's Alchemía manages to infuse a special blend of base metals to produce matchless pieces with the look and feel of 18K gold. The metal used is also free of nickel, lead, and cadmium.

    Special attributes of Alchemía make it most fascinating because it carries the quality and aesthetics of gold with a price that doesn't drain your bank account.

    Because Alchemía is not plated gold, the color you see is inside and out and will not turn or tarnish due to an incredibly, strong, protective lacquer. So strong in fact, all of our Alchemía pieces are hypoallergenic. 

    Alchemia "Zero Karat Gold"

    First, I can tell you what's not in Alchemia. There is no lead, nickel or cadmium. Alchemia is a proprietary blend of base metal that when mixed together looks like 18K gold. The color you see is inside and out.

    All Alchemia items are finished with an incredibly strong protective lacquer. This prevents the metal from turning or tarnishing. This lacquer (for the majority of our customers) prevents allergic reactions to the metal.

    With proper care of your jewelry, your Alchemia piece will last a lifetime. If the lacquer is compromised by deep scratches, chemicals, etc. the metal will be exposed and will start to turn. Please refer to our Jewelry Care page.

    It's just a play on words. There isn't any gold in our pieces, so it's 0K instead of 18K, 24K gold.

    Female Model Wearing an Alchemia Ring and Earrings from Charles Albert Jewelry