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  • Retailer Promotion Guide for Wholesale Accounts

    During any current Charles Albert promotion or sale, please be aware that discounts or reductions may not automatically be applied to your cart, but you will still receive accurate pricing.

    We understand and apologize for the inconvenience. Our team is doing our best to create a hassle-free shopping experience and we are working on options that will eliminate any future ordering disruptions. Please see below for our Promotion Guide and how to ensure you are receiving the correct pricing.

    Overstock/Markdowns: If you are logged into your wholesale account, please click here to go to our Overstock page or find it under "TRENDING" in our Shop Menu at the top of our website. You will notice that the price of these items are marked down. The price that is crossed out is the Retail Price, whereas the price in blue directly to the left is your new marked down Wholesale Price. These items are eligible to add to cart and purchase without assistance from our office. 

    Discount Codes: If we are promoting a sale with a discount code or a message that reads "Discount Automatically Applied in Cart," the promotion DOES apply to you, but you will need to contact our office for payment. In order to take advantage of the promotion, please add to your cart as normal, continue to Checkout, add your Information, and select a Shipping option. When you arrive to the Payment page, there will be a box that reads "Contact Office for Payment". Please check this box. You DO NOT need to add any form of payment. Your Sales Representative will then adjust your order and send you a payable invoice. You can also call our office at 1(800)-410-1112 if you would prefer payment by phone.

    *Please note: When your Sales Representative is adjusting your invoice, you may receive an email stating that your order has been canceled. This is NOT the case. Our office will contact you for payment.

    Please see an example of "Contact Office for Payment" Option: