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  • September 11, 2019 2 min read

    7 Healing Stones & Crystals For Every Situation


    Whether you and your roommate just exchanged very colorful language, your ex just up and left or you’ve had one too many parties at your palace… it’s time to rid your space of those bad vibes! Onyx and Obsidian are great for cleansing the air and clearing your home of negative energy. 

    Alchemia Gold Onyx and Mother of Pearl Triple Pendant   .950 Sterling Silver Ring Black Onyx and Pearl Bypass Ring


    Clear Quartz

    Clear quartz helps relieve stress and frustration while balancing your inner energies! This crystal also helps to ease anxiety. Wear a quartz charm or pendant to level the thoughts roaming around in your mind and put your feelings into context.


    Alchemia clear quartz point pendantAlchemia clear quartz point pendant



    If you've been battling acne since puberty, Amethyst should be your go-to product for bringing forth clear and glistening skin! This crystal is one of our favorites because it also acts as a dreamcatcher if you keep a raw piece on your nightstand!


    Sterling silver amethyst geode necklaceSterling silver amethyst geode necklace



    To all the creative hearts that have stumbled upon artists or writers' block one too many times, Citrine is calling your name! This stone helps in boosting concentration, memory and helps to spark creativity. Ancient crystal collectors believe that this is because of its yellow-ish aura.


    Sterling silver citrine pendantSterling silver citrine dangle earrings



    Lapis Lazuli

    This stone is known to have been used in ancient times as a migraine remedy. It is also used for supporting the immune system and acting as a quick pick me up after a hangover. Let us know how that works out for you after your next night out!

      Lapis Lazuli Moon Pendant in Gold Alchemia Lapis Lazuli .950 Fine Sterling Silver Sun Pendant for necklace   


    Boulder Opal

    Get this, ladies! Not only is Boulder Opal one of the most spectacular and beautiful natural stones to look at, it actually helps alleviate PMS symptoms along with headaches! On top of that, it increases inspiration and creativity. Most definitely one to keep handy.

    Boulder Opal Statement Pendant in Alchemia Gold           Boulder Opal Statement Ring in Alchemia Gold




    Green aventurine is known as the stone of good fortune. This stone's purpose is to help you liberate yourself of bad habits and form ones that are more aligned with the person you want to become.

    Aventurine Heart Shaped Pendant in .950 Sterling SilverAventurine Heart Shaped Pendant in .950 Sterling Silver

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