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The Best Gift Idea For Your Best Friendiversary

If charm necklaces don’t solidify an eternal friendship, then what does?! Mix and match your favorite charm pendants to create the perfect look to signify another trip around the sun with your bestie! And if your mom’s your best friend, there should be no shame in your game. She’s probably the most genuine friend you’ll ever have.

Check out the metaphysical meanings of our gemstone charm pendants and build the personalized necklaces you and your soul sister will cherish forever.



Pearls represent imagination and innocence. The most unique feature about pearls is that they can’t be called a stone, gem or crystal… because they’re not! They stand in a league of their own. Just like your friendship!

Affordable Alchemia Gold Pearl Charm Pendant for Necklace

Clear Quartz

This crystal is known as the master healer! It amplifies energy and thought while increasing wisdom. Clear Quartz also promotes clarity of mind and increases insight. If you’d like to ensure that your friendship is always on the right path, this is for you (and your gal pal)!

Affordable Alchemia Gold Clear Quartz Point Charm Pendant for Necklace


This gemstone is excellent for breaking addictions and clearing emotional issues. If you find that codependency is an issue that you and your bestie face, you both need to find a healthy way to grow. Wearing peridot close to the heart chakra is known to keep you uplifted!

 Cheap Gold Peridot Charm Pendant for Necklace


Rainbow Druse

Extremely colorful, rainbow druse has a positive impact on the one wearing it. It strengthens clear, creative thinking while melting away the negative energy. We don’t know about you, but we think this is pretty much perfect to keep a friendship going strong!

 Cheap and Affordable Gold Colorful Rainbow Druzy Druse Charm Pendant for Necklace

Cobalt Druse

Because of the vibrant color of Cobalt Druse, it is usually used to promote creativity. Druse can also be used whenever a group of people want to harmonize and move toward a common goal. Add this to your personalized necklace as it represents longevity between you and your bestie!

Cheap and Affordable Gold Electric Cobalt Blue Druzy Druse Charm Pendant for Necklace 


Blue Jasper

Jasper imparts a calm, compassionate and patient attitude within you! It also builds confidence, reduces insecurities and supports a healthy need to move forward. This is perfect for you and your best friend if you both want to lead a positive and self-assured life!

Cheap Affordable Elongated Blue Jasper Charm Pendant for Necklace

Don't forget the chain to complete your charm necklace!

Need some inspo to get your creative juices flowing? Check out the last of our pre-made charm necklaces (with a few exclusive charm pendants)...

*If you want a restock, let us know in the comments below!

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