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  • June 16, 2020 2 min read

    Best Father's Day Gifts 2020 | Unisex Jewelry & More

    Father's Day is a day to really celebrate the Dads in your life! It's a day reserved for those who have somehow shaped you into the person you are today. No matter the circumstance, there will always be someone - a biological father, stepfather, grandparent, godparent, or friend - who has stepped up to support you when you needed it the most! Dads deserve something special because they show you how to dream bigger, love stronger, and simply be a better person. It’s time to thank him with something unexpected. Don't stress about getting the best gift this Father's Day! Instead, let us take care of that for you! Here are the best gifts to make sure this day is unforgettable for him!

    Photos to Cherish

    Sometimes simple gifts are the best gifts. A great way to show Dad you love him is by picking a cherished photo and turning it into a puzzle! After you two have finished the puzzle, you can then frame it. Another way to create a lasting memory from a photo is by getting a cup made! There are dozens of photo gifts to choose from, but remember to also share the reasons behind your love for him. That'll add the perfect touch!


    Two photos in picture frame of father and son at football field

    Unisex Jewelry

    Jewelry for men has always been our go-to when it comes to gifts for Dad! Whether the Dad in your life is into Gold of Sterling Silver, we have the best of the best for him. Our edgy and artisan-crafted jewelry ranged from Megalodon Shark Teeth and Arrowheads to Coins and Skulls. We stock some of the most timeless, handmade jewelry that either men or women can rock! Shop our Father's Day Collection here.


    Skull ring and bracelet; shark tooth earrings and bracelet

    Something Sweet

    The only thing sweeter than your relationship with Dad is the Father's Day goodies he'll be getting! Pick up a cake mix that best suits his tastebuds, grab some icing, edible decorations, and a few other baking utensils and make/decorate a cake together! You can also go the other route. Who said the only yummy thing Dad would want had to be edible? You can also grab him a rich and inviting bottle of cologne! Now that your Dad may be home more often than not, you may as well pick up something that's as much as a gift to him as it is for you! We all love a good smell, and I can guarantee you that you'll want to be around him much more when he smells like fresh firewood and vanilla!


    Person rolling dough with rolling pin

    Play it safe... or not!

    If you already know his style, choosing something for him will be super easy! But why would you want to get him another one of something he already has a ton of? You can always play it safe and buy him another pair of shoes, another tool, or another tie, but it won't make a statement! Show Dad you put in a little extra effort this Father's Day with a gift he'll forever cherish.

    Father hugging daughter





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