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  • July 25, 2019 2 min read

    Top 5 Shopping secrets to looking stylish on a budget

    Trying to look fashionable while sticking to a budget can be discouraging especially when you feel like there’s nothing out there that can actually help you! We’ve put together the perfect step-by-step guide to saving money while keeping your style at an all-time high.


    Grab shopping by the you-know-what

    Shopping is nothing more than a battle between your mind and your wallet. The only reason it becomes hard to shop on a budget is because your mind convinces you that you are not able to buy everything you want. Switch that mentality to the truth that you are in the means to buy everything you need. Once you kick your thoughts to the curb, it’ll be a much more enjoyable process.

    How to save money while shopping and look stylish on a budget

    Plan before you buy

    This is a biggie. Before you go shopping, you need to review what is already in your closet. Think of yourself as a certified closet organizer and analyze what colors you have in what styles and what styles you don’t need any more of. During this process, you’ll probably find something that you forgot you had, making the time spent totally worth it!

    How to save money while shopping and look stylish on a budget

    It’s okay to keep it simple

    Tying back to the first tip, don’t let the thought of needing everything you see put a damper on your day. Keeping it simple is okay! If you only need a pair of shoes, don’t get distracted and buy the entire store. It's healthy to splurge once in a while, but if you do it every time you shop, you may have a problem. Keep it simple and stick to what you went looking for.

    Tips on how to look stylish on a budget

    Shop outside your norm

    Shopping doesn’t always have to look like the traditional -- go to the mall, drive around for five minutes looking for parking, find nothing, go home. There are now apps where you can swap or trade your clothes for something you’d probably spend actual money on. This route allows you to get rid of things you don't wear while receiving something fashion-forward in return.

    Learn how to swap your clothes and look stylish on a budget

    Stretch your pieces

    The main way to stretch your budget is by buying universal pieces. Although we all love a good one-of-a-kind statement accessory, you need to have effortless easy-to-maintain jewelry that you can throw on with every outfit. Find a great pair of everyday earrings and you’ll never have the need to keep rebuying accessories that you have to throw out every couple of months.

    Everyday jewelry to wear with any outfit

    If you use any of our tips, we’d love to hear! Find us on Facebook or Instagram and share YOUR style story.


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