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  • July 23, 2019 2 min read

    How To Prevent Your Fine Sterling Silver From Tarnishing

    So, you’ve recently bought your favorite piece of Sterling Silver jewelry. You put the money aside and decided it was finally time to purchase. Only thing is that you’ve lived in it for six months straight and it’s starting to lose its luster. What do you do? We’re unlocking a few secrets and key tips on how to keep your jewelry as shimmering as the day you bought it.


    No pool or ocean adventures

    The number one thing people forget is to remove their jewelry during the summer fun! I know it’s easy to go on vacation and head straight to the beach not remembering that your favorite accessory is dangling from your neck (seeing as it’s basically a part of your body), but you have to be more conscious if you want to keep your jewels glistening. If you do happen to get it wet, you can dry it out by sticking it in a zip lock bag with a piece of chalk. This should do a stand-up job at absorbing the unwanted moisture.

    Going in the pool or ocean with your jewelry could be bad


    Store it safely

    Silver is one of those materials that rather be stored alone. Try not to bundle it with any other metals to prevent it from scratching or turning. We include protective jewelry pouches with each order, so you’ll never have to worry about your Sterling Silver mingling with your other jewelry.

    The best way to keep your Sterling Silver jewelry from tarnishing


    Give it a bath

    If you get to the point where you feel like your piece could use a complete overhaul, try washing it! Ocean or pool water is no good, but grabbing a bowl with warm soapy water will do. Take a soft cloth and lightly wash the metal. On the same note, be sure to stay away from liquid cleaners as that could damage the stone.

    How to clean your Sterling Silver jewelry by giving it a bath


    With these three tips, you’ll be a few steps closer to keeping your Fine Sterling Silver sparkling for years to come.


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