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5 Tips on How to Sell More Jewelry in your Store

It is 100% possible to grow your jewelry store from ground zero to a successful business. In fact, Charles Albert started this company with $60 and has sold his way up since the 80s! He has carved out a lane for himself in the jewelry industry and if he can do it, so can you. Whether you’re just starting to embark on your jewelry journey with us or you’re a long time retailer, we have laid out strategies that you can implement in order to heighten sales in your shop! Follow these simple tips and tricks on how to grow your jewelry store (also applies for online stores) and let us know how they’ve worked for you in the comments below.


#1 - Create an environment your shoppers will love

At the end of the day, if a buyer doesn’t feel comfortable in your store, they are not going to buy. Shopping is about psychology and if you create a soothing, warm environment, this will automatically alert the shopper’s brain that your store will ultimately be a satisfactory experience for them. This being said, play some ocean sounds, light a candle and watch your customers melt into their surroundings.


#2 - Build a community

Lots of people miss this step. In 2019, in addition to building a store, you need to start building a brand and building a brand entails building a community. Whether this means throwing a monthly women’s event or hosting a “Make your own jewelry” class, creating a sense of community allows your customers to feel as though they are safe in your space and that they are always welcome.


#3 - Understand your customer’s wants

Truly knowing what your customer wants is the key to selling our products. We have a variety of styles and if you have just recently joined the Charles Albert retailer team, you may not know exactly what your shoppers want yet. This is where our in house team steps in! Our Sales Representatives are not only professional, but they have seen the ins and outs of what sells in different kinds of environments. Contact us at 1-800-410-1112 and we’ll set you up with your own personal Sales Rep to help bring your vision to life!


#4 - It may be better to be quiet

When we say this, we mean… Let your customers breathe. As creative individuals, you may tend to get overly excited at times and crowd your customers with too many questions because you genuinely care. Take a step back and let our pieces speak for themselves. Also, it’s always better to give compliments than to try and sell. If a shopper wants help, trust us… they’ll ask.


#5 - Know your stuff!

Once the customer has opened the dialogue and starts to ask you questions, this is when you're able to shine and take the conversation into your own hands. Shoppers love when you are knowledgeable about products and can guide them through whatever they need. Take the time to learn about our stones, while also reading up on our Alchemia and Sterling Silver lines and our backstory. This will bring you a long way with your clients and essentially start a successful relationship!

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