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  • March 14, 2019 2 min read

    Some say that jewelry takes a backseat to your outfit, but we say that jewelry is what completes your outfit! From Oj and Cigs to I'm Not Sorry Darling, we’re diving into what jewelry South Florida’s top Fashion Bloggers and Influencers are loving. Take a closer look into what jewelry has stuck throughout the Miami fashion scene and why you need to get your hands on these pieces if you’re trying to grow a social media following.


    Fashion blogger wearing silver hoop earrings and a white off the shoulder shirt taking a photo during golden hour

    First up… Jana Rose Carrero from Oj and Cigs brings the spice that we’re missing on Instagram! This “Miami for the moment” girl is not only a Content Creator, but she is also a Creative Consultant. We find that her style is a healthy balance between tomboy chic and mature grunge. We love the way that she mixes color and texture in order to create an Instagram feed that looks like an eclectic mood board. Carrero has been loving the modern hoop that we’ve seen blow up as a trend across all social media channels. Lucky for you, we have the perfect pair of hoops that exude a sense of knowing what’s trending, while keeping the integrity of your personal style.


    Fashion blogger posing in over sized Guess red and black striped t-shirt with silver belt and visor

    Secondly, the girl who grew from ground zero into a brand that's generating major engagement and brand sponsorships is doing her thing on the gram! Prissy Torres from The Fashion Muse has become a wonder to watch. She is our girl crush every day and emits Hispanic South Florida flair! From her true-to-self heritage posts to her new style series she has started to implement on her Instagram feed, we appreciate the time she takes to create fresh content. This ultimately has been the reason her fanbase has grown to the size that it is! We've scanned Torres' feed for the accessories she has been implementing into her social media stream and although she doesn't wear much jewelry, we have spotted a bangle or two in a few of her posts! Minimal jewelry is always IN and we have a banging bangle piece that'll bring a subtle pop to your wrist game.


    I'm Not Sorry Darling drinking a cup of coffee at Dior Cafe

    Next up is the woman who has fearlessly stepped up as a frontrunner in the Miami blogging scene. Carolina from I'm Not Sorry Darling has unapologetically carved out a lane for herself growing a following of 121,000 on Instagram through her feminine, flirty attire and sleek content! Carolina brings a very professional elegance to her page, reminding us that blogging isn't just a hobby for some - it's a job. We love following this beauty through her everyday life because she's always finding the most romantic, dreamy restaurants to visit while sporting the latest jewelry and accessory trends. In the photo above, Carolina is dining at Dior Cafe, which sits on the rooftop of the Dior store in the Miami Design District. She completes her outfit with a chic gold link chain necklace! If you're looking for something similar, we have a mini version that you can wrap two or three times for a layered look.


    Want to be kept up to date on affordable jewelry trends or looking for a way to stay in the loop with the top South Florida influencers? Treat yourself to a fresh start to the week with our free E-magazine! Sign up and get filled in every Monday morning!


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