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How to Master the Art of Mixing Minimalism and Maximalism

We're just starting to see a shift from minimalism holding the "IT-GIRL" title to maximalism with a minimalist twist as an upward trend. While magazines like Vogue and Harpers Bazaar still have a hand in what's what in fashion, Instagram Influencers also have a voice! We're highlighting three Influencers who implement the idea that mixing minimalism and maximalism creates the perfect everyday style guide.

Leather on Leather


Parisian Style has been on a rise in Instagram culture with books like How To Be Parisian and The Parisian Chic teaching Insta fame cravers all they need to know about European-Girl Style. Austrian Blogger, Ebru Erkut, balances minimalism and maximalism perfectly while adding that Parisian charm we oh-so-love. Erkut makes such a statement in her all-leather two-piece ensemble. Both her blouse and rider pants are made of a matte PU Leather giving us the ultimate inspiration on how to wear leather with style and class.

Here's what we'd pair this look with:


High Fashion Cover-up 


Newsflash: There's a way to cover up from head to toe and still create a minimal look with a maximalist mindset. Sasha does this impeccably. Whether you're on a budget or not, here's how to throw the same look together in 3 easy steps. Grab an oversized turtle neck (preferably one with bell sleeves), tuck it into either a bell-bottom pant or a structured skirt and finally, pair with a knee or thigh-high printed boot. Sasha finalized her outfit with a classic Bottega Veneta pouch bag, but you can easily pick up any slouchy clutch to complete your outfit.

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Fringe in Winter


Fringe is always a good idea, but it's an even better idea in winter! UK Blogger, India Moon, gives us the rundown on why fringe is the perfect idea if you're dabbling in the world of min-max fashion. Need a few ideas on how to style it?

1. Wear a plain t-shirt or blouse underneath

2. Forget about the top and belt it by itself

3. Tie it around your waist for the ultimate festival season style

Here's what we'd pair this look with:


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