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  • February 13, 2020 2 min read

    5 Jewelry Gifts Under $75 for February Babies

    Not the best gift-giver? We get it. Birthdays are hard! Gift-giving is hard! If you've been on the lookout for an affordable jewelry gift guide for the February baby in your life, look no further! You can thank us later. Shop through inexpensive jewelry picks that your Aquarius or Pisces will absolutely love you for.

    1. Alchemia Amethyst Sun Pendant  - $30

    Sun pendants are the perfect entry-style if you're on the lookout for affordable semi-fine or demi-fine jewelry. Sun pendants are the best value because it's a style that can be worn at any age, meaning your gift-receiver won't outgrow it! Amethyst is also the birthstone for February, so you will be gifting your love something they'll love. 

     Alchemia Zero Karat Gold Amethyst Sun Pendant

    2. Sterling Silver Luminite Heart Pendant - $75

    Luminite is definitely one of our favorites and trust us when we say that pictures will never do this stone justice! To give you an idea of how stunning Luminite is in person, imagine a Moonstone but more glowy than iridescent. Moonstone can be hard to wear from time to time because although it is beautiful, it is a very soft stone making it easy to splinter. Luminite is the complete opposite. Because it is a synthetic stone, that is far from a concern. Whoever's on the receiving end of this Luminite Heart pendant is a lucky lady!

    Sterling Silver Luminite Heart Pendant 


    3. Amethyst Alchemia Gold Ring - $75

    What's better than an affordable Amethyst ring that your February baby will cherish you for? One that's adjustable, non-tarnishing and is also hypoallergenic! Our Alchemia Zero Karat Gold is a one-of-a-kind mixture of metals topped off with our secret lacquering process that keeps the metal looking lustrous and brand new for as long as she can adore it. Find more Amethyst options here.



    4. Alchemia Cream & Purple Floral Resin Rose Earrings

    Resin jewelry was a major trend last year and it is now finding its way onto this year's runways! Charles Albert has latched onto the trend and designed pieces that have a bit more of a feminine edge. These hand-carved flowers are the perfect way to make a woman feel special and the colors will definitely compliment your birthday girl. 


    5. Sterling Silver Gray Pearl Charm Pendant

    This gift isn't specific to February, but it's definitely on our list of cutest gifts ever! This pendant is dainty enough for comfortability while also making a statement. Gray Pearls aren't seen often in jewelry, but when they are, they should be prized! On top of this, our Fine Sterling Silver is .950 meaning it is one of the higher grade Silvers on the market. 



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