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  • April 20, 2021 4 min read

    Mother's Day Jewelry Gift Guide 2021

    If you're here because you need some help navigating our Mother's Day Gift Shop, you're in the right place! If you're here because you need some inspiration for what exactly to gift the mom, grandmother, mother-figure or mama-to-be, we're here to help! And still, if you're here solely because you're a terrible gift giver and you need all the help you can get, there's room for you at the table! See our top twelve gifts all moms would swoon over!

    1. For the mom who likes mixing traditional with modern

    The Sterling Silver Gray Pearl Adjustable Cuff Ring has become our new go-to for when we want to put a modern touch on traditional accents. In addition, our new cuff ring design has become a Charles Albert fan favorite as it adds a touch of charm and ease to any ring stack. Handcrafted from a high grade of Sterling Silver, this tiny treasure will be cherished for years to come.

    2. For the mom who thinks pink is the new black

    First of all, we agree with her! This piece is a top runner for any mom, but if pink is her signature color, this makes for a super thoughtful gift. From this year's Valentine's Day Collection, our Alchemia Pink CZ Triple Pendant features Trillion, Oval & Teardrop gemstones for a trio that can't be beat.

    3. For the mom who hates piercings

    No piercings? No problem. Our Sterling Silver Oval Mercury Mist CZ Clip Earrings are the earrings she never knew she needed. Whether the mom you're gifting to has unpierced ears or would rather save her lobes the torture of her sweet baby tugging away, this pick will be her new favorite everyday earrings.

    4. For the mom with the fab jewelry collection

    We all know the mom that loves getting dressed up with absolutely nowhere to go. She's also the mom with the decked out three story jewelry box! From this year's Valentine's Day Collection, our Amor Sterling Silver Pink CZ Bracelet is definitely her kind of bracelet! Featuring five blush rectangle cut and four round cut Cubic Zirconia's, she's bound to swoon.

    5. For the mom who loves all things glitz & glam

    Oo-la-la is right! Our Rainbow Druzy collection is feminine, flattering and fashionable all in one! This ring takes glitz & glam to a whole new level and in both Fine Sterling Silver and Alchemia Zero Karat Gold, you get the best of both worlds! Make her day and grab our striking Sterling Silver Rainbow Druzy Oval Adjustable Ring!

    6. For the mom who needs a little extra love

    Hearts are subtle reminders of your love for those closest to you, whereas Luminite is a standout reminder of how bright that love shines! No wonder our Heartfelt Sterling Silver Luminite Earrings are the perfect match. This pair is a timeless essential and is sure to make her list of favorite Mother’s Day keepsakes.

    7. For the mom who only wears jewelry that makes her feel classy

    We all know that when you look good, you feel good. If you know a mom with the best taste in fashion, is always 15 minutes early and who most-likely won prom queen, this is the gift for her! She'll fall in love with these Sterling Silver Platinum Druzy Teardrop Earrings.

    8. For the mom who prefers pearls over diamonds

    Pearls have been widely accepted as the gemstone that will never grow old! For the mom in your life who exudes wisdom and confidence, our Alchemia Pearl Rope Mini Cuff will definitely compliment her personality. Designed to be worn everyday, this gift pairs well with any existing arm stack.

    9. For the mom with a big anniversary around the corner

    Fun fact: Pink Sapphires are great gifts for the 5th and 45th wedding anniversary! Although our Sterling Silver Round Pink CZ Prong Set Ring is indeed a Cubic Zirconia, it's a beautiful and affordable alternative for a true Pink Sapphire. If your mom is coming up on a major anniversary celebration, double up and gift her this meaningful ring as a way to show her you're thinking ahead!

    10. For the mom who wears her heart on her sleeve

    We all know and love her. She's the mom that so effortlessly helps everyone through the most difficult of times! To that mom, you deserve something special - a gift that says "It's okay to wear your heart on your sleeve!" Grab our Sterling Silver Luminite Heart Infinity Cuff as a way of reminding her that she's doing a great job!

    11. For the mom who rather something dainty

    Hey, we get it! We can't all want big & bold. Some of us rather dainty & petite; but just because your jewelry is small, doesn't mean it can't be mighty. From this year's Valentine's Day Collection, our Ethereal Sterling Silver Lab Pink Sapphire and Mystic Quartz Earrings pair a rare combination - Mystic Quartz and Lab Pink Sapphire. These two gems are both known for their femininity and playfulness!

    12. For the mom who lights up your life

    Last but not least, for the mom who lights up your life, we suggest you gift a Sun Pendant! Our Sun Pendants feature over 20 different kinds of stones and are set in both Fine Sterling Silver and our house-made Alchemia Zero Karat Gold. No matter which Sun you gift, the lady on the receiving end will be both thankful and impressed at your choice of such a charming Mother's Day present!

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