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  • April 01, 2019 2 min read 1 Comment

    New Alchemia 'Zero Karat Gold' Spanish Coin Arrivals!

    Happy 1st of April! A new month brings new arrivals here at Charles Albert... and we assure you, they won't disappoint. When it comes to style and keeping up with trends, Charles Albert is a leader in bringing jewelry to the forefront of the fashion game. Known for being one of the leading stone jewelry designers in the business, we also design jewelry with different materials, such as gems, resin, and coins!

    Whenever new arrivals hit our stockroom, we get to have some fun at the Charles Albert headquarters and play around with the pieces to ensure that they are 100% perfect for our customers. Scroll through to see how we're wearing our new Alchemia 'Zero Karat Gold' arrivals.

    Four unfold Polaroid images of girl smiling and laughing wearing Alchemia jewelryPolaroid photo of hand Alchemia jewelry on hand model

    Our Alchemia Spanish Coin pieces are perfect if you're looking for statement designer jewelry that meshes seamlessly with your Spring outfits.

    Our New Spanish Coin pieces center around replicating the notorious currency that ran throughout Spain and South America for decades. In order to keep the coin as the forward design aspect in the jewelry, we allowed them to shine by simply molding the coins with our Alchemia metal - you can read more about this process here.

    We hope that our customers truly experience the whimsical, timeless feel that these pieces bring to the table. For some brief history, the Gold Escudo was introduced to the market in 1535 and was used as currency in Portugal and throughout South America. The Silver escudo followed as the second form of currency in Spain and was used between 1864-1869. We carry the replicas in both Alchemia and Sterling Silver.

    Girl posing for a film camera shoot wearing Alchemia jewelryThree 35mm images of girl smiling and laughing wearing Alchemia jewelry


    Want to be kept up to date on affordable jewelry trends or looking for a way to stay in the loop with the top South Florida influencers? Sign up for our emails and SMS to keep informed of everything going on at Charles Albert!

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    Jan Holman
    Jan Holman

    April 20, 2024

    free E magazine please

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