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  • October 30, 2019 2 min read

    Weekend Outfit Ideas & Style Guide (Featuring Popular Jewelry Trends)

    Do you have a thousand pieces in your closet with no idea how to pair your tops with your bottoms and your earrings with your bracelets? If the answer is yes, then we created this just for you! We've picked the most popular trends of Fall 2019 to guide you on how to mix and match your pieces based on your personality!

    First up! Dress your ears appropriately...

    What to wear on the weekend featuring Sterling Silver Luminite and Treasure Coin Earrings with Alchemia Nautilus Shell and Shooting Star Earrings
    • Polished - Our Sterling Silver Luminite Post Earrings are not only one of the poshest and polished pieces we have in stock, but they're so on-trend! The picture doesn't do it justice, but once the sun hits, you'll be drooling in disbelief.
    • Traveler - If you have a travelers' heart, both our Sterling Silver and Alchemia Zero Karat Gold Coin Collections will make you swoon! 
    • Beach Chic - All beach lovers know that taking long walks on the beach was a thing before the dating profile stole its panache! These Alchemia Nautilus Shell Earrings will bring you right to the ocean's edge.
    • Tomboy-ish - You land in this category if your style is more on the daring side. Our Alchemia 0KG Shooting Star Earrings are super adorable and our go-to jewelry pick for any occasion.

    Next... Top and Blouse Options!

    What to wear on the weekend | Victorian frilly blouse, traveler tshirt, tie front bohemian crop top, black tie shoulder tank

    • Leave a comment below and we'll hook you up with where to find these fashion-forward blouse styles!

    Then... Our favorite Sterling Silver and Alchemia Pendant Picks!

    What to wear on the weekend featuring Sterling Silver Luminite and Treasure coin pendants with Alchemia Zero Karat Gold Sea Turtle and Star Pendant

    • Polished - Our Sterling Silver Luminite Pendant is just as, if not even more sparkly and shimmering than their earring counterpart! Allow this accessory to illuminate your chest and bring a sophisticated look to your outfit.
    • Traveler - Here to match your Sterling Silver Treasure Coin Earrings is this lovable pendant! This is definitely a statement piece that every voyager should own. 
    • Beach Chic - Sea turtles are not only the cutest sealife creature but some of the friendliest! If you truly are a sealife lover, our Alchemia Sea Turtle Pendant is a necessary and affordable pendant to add to your collection.
    • Tomboy-ish - Shine bright, shine far! Although we carry this piece in Sterling Silver, your new eye-catching Star Pendant will be much more effective in our Alchemia Zero Karat Gold!

    Can't forget to dress your legs!

    Style up for the weekend | Flirty skirt, distressed boyfriend jeans, belted dark denim flair pants, black denim shorts gold stars

    • Leave a comment below and we'll hook you up with where to find these stylish bottoms!

    Our favorite... ARM CANDY!

    Sterling Silver Luminite Moonstone Bracelet, Sterling Silver multi band cuff, Alchemia Gold Beach Glass Bracelet, Gold Star Bracelet

    • Polished - To complete your flawless and polished look, grab our classic Fine Sterling Silver Luminite Bracelet! It's the cherry on top of an already classy ensemble.
    • Traveler - To the tourer, finalize your look with our Multi-Strand Cuff! Get the most out of your budget by buying one piece of jewelry that looks like multiple mini cuffs!
    • Beach Chic - Sea glass is probably the most beach-chic you can get! This dazzling recycled glass cuff will remind you of the seashore every time you wrap it around your wrist.
    • Tomboy-ish - If you think you were made for the spotlight, throw on our Alchemia Star Bracelet to bring the crowd to you and make the statement you've always wanted to!





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