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  • November 06, 2019 3 min read 1 Comment

    10 Tips to Follow for a Successful Jewelry Trunk Show

    A trunk show is a 1-2 day event that is hosted at a boutique or retail location. It is usually put on to highlight one or a few of the local designers that the boutique carries. Setting up a trunk show will look different for everyone, but there are 10 tips that everyone should follow... regardless of what you're selling! 

    1. Set a date that works for your customers

    You may feel the urge to pick a day that works best for you, but this is the opposite of how to choose a date for your event. Just because it works best for you, doesn't mean people will actually show up. Work around your customers, not around yourself.

    2. Get people excited

    Trunks shows are lots of fun but you can't expect everyone to know that! Find a way to start getting people excited about your big event... whether that's with a personal invitation or sharing details with your repeat customers.

    3. Offer something for their attendance

    Nowadays, people have tons of options for what to do with their day! It's important to remember that they definitely don't have to be at your trunk show. Offer your customers an incentive for stopping in. This could be a $20 credit or a free gift with purchase.

    How to set up a successful jewelry trunk show

    4. Inform, Inform, Inform

    This point ties into Tip #2! Your audience won't show up if they don't know what's going on. Hop on social media, spend a day handing out flyers or even drop an invitation in each purchase leading up to the show. This will give your audience a heads up for the big day!

    5. Don't forget the details

    If you ask me, trunk shows are nothing without a well thought out ambiance. What plays into this ambiance? Music, food, prizes, and a really good host (see Tip #6). Figure out what your customers like in an environment and make it happen. Remember, the trunk show is more about them than it is about you.

    6. Interaction is key

    A great host is super important if you plan on having a successful trunk show! If you don't think you can host your event while passing out food, grabbing everyone's drinks and selling your merch, you may need to get a team who can! Interaction is key, so you don't want to put that at the end of your list.

    How to set up a successful jewelry trunk show

    7. Get a sign

    This may seem like a give-in, but trust me when I say that most people don't even think about it (and no, your store sign isn't enough). Half of your guests will find their way into your store, not because of marketing, but by spotting the buzz. If you don't have a sign that reads "UNIQUE JEWELRY TRUNK SHOW", you're eliminating a chunk of potential customers!

    8. Make your neighbors your friends

    If your neighboring stores are not in direct competition with you, this is a perfect go-to marketing tactic! Kindly ask your adjacent stores to mention your trunk show on the day of. This could bring in an audience you weren't expecting... and who knows? They may be long-time customers.

    9. Dress the part

    Obviously you want to look your best, but I can't tell you how often seeing a piece of jewelry on another person makes both men and women want to buy it! Make sure you're wearing something you're selling. This is such a small boost that can turn over a few dollars for your event!

    How to set up a successful jewelry trunk show

    10. Keep in contact

    Going into 2020, some sort of marketing list is absolutely essential. If you want to capitalize on those who have attended your trunk show, have an email or phone number sign up sheet available. You can even offer 10% off their next purchase if they sign up! It's the perfect close for your super successful show.


    Hope you enjoyed our tips! For more resources and blog posts, click here.




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    May 29, 2023

    very interesting, good job and thanks for sharing such a good blog.

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