Alchemia Bone Mermaid Pendant

ITEM# AP-6408


  • Handcrafted in Mexico.
  • Lead Free, Nickel Free, Hypoallergenic.
  • Baked lacquer finish to protect metal from turning or tarnishing.
  • Mermaid: 70mm x 26mm.
  • Bale: 7mm x 9mm opening.
  • Length of Pendant including Bale: 3" in Length.

All Of The Magic

Flowing long hair, the ability to shape-shift from mermaid to upright human being, iridescent colorful scales on their fishlike tails, their depiction is far and wide. Folklore and myths about mermaids have enchanted humanity for decades. There's even an annual Mermaid Parade! The half-woman half-fish portrayal has infiltrated western culture for a long time coming. Are they real? Has anyone ever seen one if they are? Maybe not, but you can still enjoy the magic of these beings with the Alchemia Bone Mermaid Pendant.

  • Symbol of the divine feminine
  • Symbol of beauty and charm
  • Bone is said to take on the essence of the wearer
  • Casual wear for day and evening
  • Hallmarked for quality