Alchemia Meteorite Adjustable Ring

ITEM# AR-6276


  • Handcrafted in Mexico.
  • Lead Free, Nickel Free, Hypoallergenic.
  • Baked lacquer finish to protect metal from turning or tarnishing.
  • Meteorite: 35mm x 20mm.
  • 5mm thick.
  • Adjustable 7mm Shank.
  • Fits ring sizes: 5-10 .
  • Stone will vary in color, size, and shape!

Have You Found Your Purpose?

The celestial mystery alone makes the meteorite stone an extraordinary keepsake. Imagine wearing a piece of outer space. Imagine being connected to the energies of the galaxies beyond. Meteorites are thought to originate from the bits of comets, the asteroid belt and planets that have survived the intense fall through earth’s atmosphere. The Alchemia Meteorite Ring pairs well with the Alchemia Meteorite Pendant for casual day and evening wear.

  • Meteorites are said to encourage stamina and strength for endurance
  • Said to assist with meeting our purpose on earth
  • Pair with the Alchemia Meteorite Pendant
  • Casual wear
  • Hallmarked for quality