Sterling Silver Pyrite Bracelet

ITEM# SB-6254


  • Handcrafted .950 Fine Sterling Silver by artisans in Mexico.
  • Pyrite Size: Approximately 25mm long x 14mm wide and 10mm thick.
  • From toggle to first link: 6 1/2".
  • 1" extender.
  • Stones will vary in size, shape and color.

Charles Albert® Fine Sterling Silver pieces are all handcrafted using .950 of silver by artisans in Mexico. Pyrite radiates optimistic and cheerful energy that is also solid and grounding. Pyrite is very protective and can shield you from negative energies while promoting a happy and cheerful state of being. The versatile pyrite can also share its qualities of shine and solid brightness to facilitate a better judgment and a clear mental state. Pyrite will give you the optimism, the clarity, as well as the physical stamina necessary to pursue any of your endeavors. An excellent companion, indeed!