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How To Rock Your Jewelry Year Round

If you think that your Fine Sterling Silver or Alchemia jewelry can only be broken out for a season or two, then you are sorely mistaken. We revealed four jewelry categories that all women fall into and how you can style your favorite accessories year round.

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For girls who love beach jewelry:

If you're the girl that loves to wear shell jewelry but isn't sure if it's appropriate during fall and winter, worry not. Shell jewelry is multi-dimensional and can translate luxury when done correctly. A few of our favorite picks are our Alchemia Nautilus Shell Ring and our Sterling Silver Triple Shell Pendant. Trust us, these pieces are classic and you'll never want to take them off.


For the women who like gemstones and jewels:

We know that some girls love their beach jewelry, but others can't live without their gemstones! Gems are extremely diverse while keeping their charm across the board. They create such exceptional and eye-catching jewelry! The thing about gemstone jewelry is that there are no rules. Rock them for summer, fall, winter or spring and they will always make you look stunning.


For the girls who walk on the wild side:

One of the most underestimated categories of jewelry has to be edgy and dark accessories. We love creating one-of-a-kind pieces that go great with your style when you're feeling a little more daring! Our skull jewelry would make anyone do a double take and who doesn't like a good conversation starter??


For the quartz and crystal lovers:

Don't get us started on quartz and crystals. Whether you like being the center of attention or you enjoy more simplistic beauty, there is something for you for every day of the year. Our rainbow colored mystic quartz is known for having a mesmerizing effect while our beautiful brown smokey quartz is just as sultry as it is elegant.

Let us know which jewelry girl you are in the comments below! 



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