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  • May 08, 2019 4 min read 4 Comments

    Miami Talks: Daniela Moreno Talks Her Past, Present & Everything in Between 

    For Charles Albert's Miami Talks blog series, Daniela Moreno from Iron N Salt opens up about her thoughts on content creating, Instagram and what women need to think about. Here is what Daniela had to say:


    Miami Fashion blogger Daniela Moreno leaning on wall in purple pants and sneakers with pearl bag


    What Daniela says about the fashion industry:

    I was always interested in the creative field ever since I was a little kid. My mom used to let me dress myself and I used to leave the house wearing pants and a skirt at the same time. She always let me make whatever decision I wanted and I was able to really explore my interests. Ever since I could remember, I was always interested in this field. I’m a Libra too so we’re ruled by Venus. We like aesthetics!

    What Daniela says about her past:

    When I was in middle school, I wanted to be a magazine editor and I got into journalism classes when I was in high school. I became the photo editor of my school's newspaper and it was then that I realized that I wanted to move to New York. I studied at FIT for two years, moved back to Miami, finished school and started my blog. I realized that magazine editors didn't really make that much money and I didn't really want to stay in New York trying to hustle in that industry when I felt like I could do something on my own and I could do it at home.

    What Daniela says about Miami:

    I wasn't born in Miami. I was born in Bogota, Columbia and I lived there until I was 8 years old. I also lived in Madrid a little bit and then I moved to Miami officially in my twenties. Now, I do call Miami home. I love that the sun is shining all year round. When I travel to different cities or when I go to Europe, it's like -- oh my gosh, I miss the sun -- so I do think that it changes peoples mood. When I lived in New York, I definitely missed my sunshine state. On the other hand, traffic is awful, but I love driving! I've driven for years and years. My parents let me drive when I was very young so I'm a natural driver. I meditate a lot when I drive, but I like to be flowing. I don’t mind driving for a long time as long as I'm moving.


    Daniela Moreno walking down the street in jeans and crop top with pearl bag


    What Daniela says about pressure:

    I try not to compare myself with anybody else and what anybody else is doing. I look for inspiration outside of Instagram and I just try to do what feels authentic to me. I feel like Instagram is so huge now and there are so many people doing so much. For me not to feel like a carbon copy of everyone else, I still go to Tumblr and I go to magazines for inspiration. I love Kinfolk and different things that give me inspiration for my content that is not necessarily other bloggers or other Instagram content creators. I think you start feeling the pressure when somebody else is doing better than you. You can't compare because if you start doing what they're doing it may not work for you so stay in your lane.

    What Daniela says about jewelry:

    Jewelry is actually my favorite part of an outfit and in the future, I would love to turn Iron N Salt into a jewelry brand when I no longer want to be taking photos of myself. I think I would want to explore that because I've always been a huge fan of jewelry but mainly more dainty things because I'm very simple. I used to wear statement jewelry when I was in high school. I would wear huge earrings and then I kind of stopped and started wearing more classic pieces. I love a hoop and lately, I've been working with this brand and I've been wearing huge pearl earrings. I also love vintage looking jewelry. 


    Miami fashion blogger Iron N Salt Daniela Moreno sitting on steps posing in white blazer and pants


    What Laura says is her favorite Charles Albert piece:

    I love the Alchemia Open Round Neckwire. I love those classic things that you can own for years and it doesn't go away. I think it's very classic and beautiful.

    What Daniela has to say about Instagram:

    I actually think that Instagram has a lot of longevity because I feel like brands right now have found this one platform where they can share content, advertise and sell in the same place. I think that Instagram has to come up with some kind of concept to clean out the people using it in an inorganic way. I see it changing but the platform is very strong and I don't think it's going anywhere any time soon. 

    What Daniela has to say to other women:

    We need to support each other no matter what. We should be in competition with men and not each other and I think that if we embrace each other’s success instead of feeling jealous because one is doing better than the other, then we can really unite and change sexism in our society. I feel like we have more opportunities when we come together and support each other than when we pin against each other for the attention of men, which at the end of the day, is what it usually comes down to. Let's come together and compete against men for the top.



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    4 Responses


    June 07, 2019

    I love this! You’re so stylish!


    June 07, 2019

    I love this! You’re so stylish!


    May 29, 2019

    This is so exciting. You’re right about us women sticking together and supporting one another I look forward to reading more articles.

    Lou Turner
    Lou Turner

    May 19, 2019

    Love your jewelry. Have several pieces and enjoy them tremendously. Hope to have more in the future.

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