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  • June 18, 2019 5 min read 1 Comment

    Miami Talks: Olivia Pascale Talks Social Media, Modeling & Misconceptions

    In this interview of Miami Talks, blogger and model Oliva Pascale opens up about why she prefers blogging over modeling, how she stays ahead of the pressure and of course, the ins and outs of Miami. Here is what Olivia had to say:


    What Olivia says about modeling:

    I actually started in child modeling when I was nine. I had a friend in my class in 2nd grade who was pretty successful. I guess I just saw something that I thought I might like and apparently I was very persistent asking my mom if we could take photos and get into it. Then I went and got representation so yeah, I started pretty young.


    Why Olivia likes blogging more than modeling:

    I definitely resonate more with blogging because it gives me a voice. With modeling, there's only so much you can give which is pretty much just your image and that, I've found after years, is not fulfilling at all. I feel like people who don't model are like… wow, she must be so confident, it must feel so good having these photos taken... but that really only gets you so far and then you realize it really doesn't fulfill you. With blogging, I definitely feel like I have a voice and I can express my opinions and share my insight on things.


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    Olivia on Miami vs. Los Angeles life:

    I would definitely stay in Miami which is rare for people to say. I feel like everyone prefers L.A. but it was just a lot for me. I don't have a car out there so I was uber-ing everywhere so that made transportation and just daily life really difficult. Also, everything is so spread out whereas here in Miami, if you need to get somewhere, it's either downtown or on the beach and that's pretty much it. In L.A., everything's across town, an hour away and the traffic sucks and I feel like the people here are not as obsessed with social media which is nice.


    What Olivia says about Miami:

    I was actually born in New York, in Manhattan and that's where my whole family lives. I was raised in South Florida but not quite Miami. Now I kind of migrated my way south into Miami since most of my work is here. I love the weather and the heat and I'm used to the humidity so that doesn't even bother me anymore. The one thing I would change are the creepy men who holler at you when you’re walking down the street. I cannot stand that and it's definitely a Miami thing. I can't go anywhere without being harassed and it's very annoying.


    What Oliva says about staying grounded:

    I wouldn't say it's hard staying grounded so much in the creative industry because I feel like there's a lot of freedom and not as much judgment in that, but in the industry that I'm in -- in social media -- yeah, I definitely feel like it's hard because everyone is kind of superficial and surface level and everything we do is based on the looks and the aesthetics of things... so of course, when all the value is placed in that, then it's going to be hard to stay grounded and remember what’s really important.



    What Olivia says about industry pressure:

    I do feel the pressure but in a natural sort of way. I think that's just our natural way of being -- being competitive and wanting to stay on top of our game in any field -- but it's never something that's overwhelming and that's not something I think about when creating my content. I'm not creating it to compete with anyone. I'm just trying to be the best that I can be and I think that’s really key to make sure you don't get loss. Obviously, it's easy to compare yourself but just reminding yourself that you're your biggest competitor and to want to be better than yourself and no one else.


    What Olivia says is her dream travel destination:

    The destination would be Santorini, Greece. I'm just dying to go there. It looks like it's just straight up out of a dream and I would bring these Alchemia hoops with me because they’re a perfect staple piece that would go with any outfit and just bring the whole look together.


    What Olivia says about jewelry:

    I'm definitely a minimal jewelry kind of girl. I've always been into the simple dainty pieces. I don't like to over-do things. I think less is more, so even the current jewelry I have on is very simple. If I had to wear Gold or Silver for the rest of my life, I would definitely say gold. I think it just looks better on my skin tone and I think it's more of a royal look. I also think it's just trendy right now. Whenever you see celebs wearing jewelry, it's usually gold.



    Who Olivia is loving in the blogger world right now:

    I have to say my favorite blogger -- I always bring her up -- is Sivan Ayla. I've been following her for about a year now and she is totally a role model for me. Her content is just amazing. She takes this on as a full-time job and she's constantly creating good quality content and she keeps it pretty real with her followers so she's a great inspiration for me. 


    Olivia shares what she thinks the biggest misconception about herself is:

    I guess maybe that I have a perfect life or that I'm perfect. I feel like that's kind of a simple answer but it's really true because I catch myself thinking that about other bloggers who have amazing feeds and who are beautiful but that's just not reality. I try to share that with my followers as much as possible. I'm a real person, I have a real life, I have real bills to pay so it's not all glamorous and travel. I do feel like I live a very blessed life but no one's life is perfect. We’re all fighting our battles.


    The piece of advice Olivia gives to beginning creators:

    It would be to not compare yourself to people who are already doing it. Like I said, it's so easy to compare yourself in this space because so many people are trying to do things but everyone has different phases so you can't compare my phase four to your phase one. I had to go through, you know... what I had to go through, to get where I am so everyone starts somewhere. Just focus on creating really quality content and don't worry about the numbers.




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    June 19, 2019

    Such a wise soul…so young, so together…Bravo Olivia

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