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  • April 20, 2020 3 min read

    Top 10 Jewelry Gifts Under $150 for Every Kind of Mom in Your Life

    During times like these, our moms deserve more than just a little something special. But what do you get her? Would she wear it? Will she even like it? We're here to answer all of your burning questions! Here are ten gifts for every kind of mom in your life (and trust us, if you know her enough to spot her somewhere on our list, she’ll love your gift)!

    Charles Albert Gift Guide for mothers with an assortment of jewelry


    1. For the Rock-n-Roll-Glitz-n-Glam mom 

    For the mom with a rock and roll heart and glitz and glam style, our Alchemia Fringe Earrings or Set will be exactly what she’s looking for. Not only are these earrings flattering, but they’re extremely lightweight meaning that she can wear them all day long without the fear of them getting uncomfortable.

    2. For the mom with love that never stops giving

    This piece would be perfect for just about any mom, but if you know a mom that has been giving and giving and giving, this would be an extra special gift. If the mamma in your life feels as though the most valuable job she will ever have is that of a mother, then she deserves to know just how much value you see in her! This Luminite Heart Pendant will do just that.

    3. For the jewelry loving mom who’s also a minimalist

    Our Stick Drop Earrings are the earrings you didn’t even know you needed. This sleek style has become a crowd favorite because of its ability to bring a subtle touch of detail to any and every outfit. Handcrafted out of materials that were made to last a lifetime at a price tag that won’t break the bank, this gift is a no brainer.

    4. For the chic mom who won’t trade in fashion for mommy-hood

    This Black Druse Ring is bold enough to make a finger-statement, yet classic enough to wear on a daily basis. It’s muted color makes this ring an everyday piece -- if you’re into the whole mom-on-the-go-but-still-chic sort of thing. If you’re thinking about gifting this ring, read up on how to make sure your giftee knows how to care for it!

    5. For the jewelry loving mom who’s also a maximalist

    There’s only one thing to say. YEEEES! Our Glittery Red Rose Ring is the over-the-top chunky accessory the maximalist mom in your life will definitely flip out over! If you’re looking to layer on even more shimmer, grab the matching Rose Pendant to seal the deal!

    6. For the mom who rather feel classy

    Pearls have been widely accepted as the gemstone that will never grow old, while also being known for its fine detail. For the mom in your life who exudes class and confidence, this is the perfect dainty Pearl Pendant to be worn everyday. Thinking about snagging this gift? Make sure you grab our super inexpensive Base Metal Chain that she can string it on!

    7. For the mom who not only loves feeling classy, but also sassy

    We all know that one mom who loves the feeling of getting dressed up with nowhere to go. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that -- and as we all know, when you look good, you feel good. Our Alchemia Oval Luminite Bracelet is the perfect balance between timeless treasure and fashion-forward!

    8. For the mom hooked on Sterling Silver

    We love us some Silver as much as the next gal, but there are some hardcore SS lovers out there! If you’re one of them, more power to you! You’ll love the fact that our Fine Sterling Silver is categorized as .950 meaning that it is 2.5% higher quality than the standard .925 on the market. Grab our striking Sterling Silver CZ, Pearl and Druse Pendant for the lucky lady in your life that can’t get enough.

    9. For the mom that’s into all things mid-century modern

    Back to our stunning Luminite! This material is one of our favorites because it has such a luminescent glow that only Luminite has! Because pictures don’t do it justice, we can compare it to moonstone, but unlike moonstone, luminite is a synthetic material. For the mom in your life who has an eye for structural, mid-century accents, this one-of-a-kind style will be right up her alley.

    10. For the mom who cherishes subtle reminders

    Hearts can be such subtle reminders of your love for those closest to you. Rubies represent purity and passion, which are two top qualities of a mother. On the flip side, our Lab Created Ruby Rings will make a standout addition to her collection and will be a timeless essential that she will always look at as a Mother’s Day momento. 

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