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  • August 18, 2020 3 min read

    8 Ways to style your plain white T-shirt

    Every woman must have at least one white shirt in her closet.

    Why? Because it's a classic wardrobe staple. No wardrobe is complete without the humble white shirt. One of the most versatile pieces you can own, this fashion staples can be styled down for the day, up for the night.

    Ladies, most of the time your FIRST impression is also your LAST impression. You must make it count. Looking good is part of mastering that 1st impression, and becoming successful in your industry. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean you need to own the latest trendy clothing.

    A White shirt can be worn with jeans, a pantsuit, or even a full skirt; your options are truly endless. Considered one of the most versatile wardrobe staples, a white shirt works for warm and cool seasons because you can wear it with your favorite shorts, or even layer it under a sweater and sweat pants.

    If you want to know how to style your white shirt scrolls down to take a look…

    Weekend Casual

    Weekends are the perfect opportunity to wear classic jeans and a white t-shirt combination. In terms of shoes, feel free to wear heels with a fun pop of color that contrasts against the white. This is one of my personal go-to looks for work, try to keep the jewelry to a minimum. 

    Gold jewelry accompanied with white t-shirts and blue jeans

    Office Ready

    A White T-shirt with a blazer is a classic foolproof combination, throw on an elegant blazer over top of your simple outfit, and make it more formal with a statement necklace, and you are ready for a long day at the office. When it comes to the color of the blazer, you can choose any type, as white is like a blank canvas and matches all colors.

    Sterling silver necklaces with white t-shirts and blue jeans

    Power Suit

    Don't forget how powerful suits make us feel, either you choose a classic tan suit or a dark suit, you will make a statement wherever you go. Finish it off with your favorite heels, that will bring elegance to your look while keeping it classy and professional for the office. But remember suits goes perfectly with sneakers too.

    Black earrings and rings, with white t-shirts and black pants


    If you have a dress that’s a little too revealing for work, the best way to wear it is by throwing on a white t-shirt underneath.
    It’ll look more professional as it covers your shoulders and allows you to get more wear out of your clothing.

    Coin earrings and cuff, accompanied with a black dress and a white t-shirt underneath

    Printed Pants

    The white t-shirt is used here to tame the loud color of your pants.
    Colorful pants are always fun and can be appropriate for work when worn correctly. The key is to let the pants do all the talking by making sure the other pieces in your outfit are neutral. This is where the white t-shirt comes in.
    You can add a couple of delicate pieces of jewelry as well to complete this look.

    Earrings, gold cuff, and a pendant with printed pants and a white t-shirt

    Sporty Spice

    Like it or not cycling style shorts are big news this season, maybe because Chanel put them on the ss19 catwalk or just because it's one of the favorites look of the Kardashians sister's, either way, try them out by teaming with an oversized white shirt to balance out the tight silhouette.

    Gold jewelry with white-shirts and cycling shorts


    Rock Your Leather

    You’re not in the mood...for anything other than the most fierce fashion, that is. Leather jackets are an immediate attention grabber no matter which outfit you wear it with. What makes leather jackets corporate enough, is the fact that it falls the same way a blazer does. Even at the office, you can get away with a classy leather jacket.

    Black jewelry and white t-shirt accompanied with leather clothing


    Pencil Skirt

    Of course, a white shirt looks chic when it’s kept simple, but it also looks just as good when paired with a statement outfit. Just like these beautiful skirts, they should be part of everyone’s wardrobe. For day time, layer a lightweight white shirt over the top and tie at the front for a whole new look. 

    Seashell jewelry with white t-shirt and pencil skirts


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