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  • October 12, 2020 3 min read 1 Comment

    Tips & Tricks to Help You Buy a Woman Jewelry She'll Love

    We know, we know. Buying for women can be hard. This is why, as your resident jewelry experts, we've put together a few tips and tricks to help you buy a woman jewelry she'll actually love — and better yet, wear.

    Buy what she likes, not what you like — When shopping for a woman, it can hard not to fall down a slippery slope of buying what you'd want to see her in vs. what she actually wants. You'll know if you've given her something she doesn't like if she claims to absolutely love it, but never wears it. To avoid this, keep scrolling.

    Pay attention to the jewelry she already wears — If the gal you're buying jewelry for already wears jewelry, pay attention! You can learn a ton about her personal style by keeping an eye on the accessories she can't seem to get enough of. If she doesn't wear much jewelry, see the next tip for a way you can workaround that.

    Best Tips For Buying a Woman Jewelry She'll Love

    Pay attention to the clothes she wears — Although it'd be easier to copy her jewelry style, you can also keep an eye on her clothing choices. This can give you an idea of what kind of of jewelry she'll be like to receive. If you find your gift-ee wearing long maxi dresses with cozy cardigans, you may not want to get her a piece from our Pyramid/Spike Collection. Opt in for something a bit softer like a Sun Pendant. On the other hand, if you find your gift-ee wearing leather and dark tones, our Pyramid Collection may be the perfect match!

    Get info from the closest person to her (other than you) — Another route is to get the 411 from her BFF! Her best friend will know her personal style probably better than you will! If they're true besties, they shop together, try on clothes together and chat about the things they'd buy if they ever landed on a million dollars! Consult with her bestie and get a better idea of the perfect gift.

    Best Tips For Buying a Woman Jewelry She'll Love

    Shop with her & keep your eyes on her eyes — In the least creepy way, keep your eyes locked on hers! Offer to take her on a staged shopping trip where you'll "shop for your co-worker" and pay attention to what catches her eye. Even if she doesn't suggest any gift ideas for your co-worker, she'll stop a few times oo-ing and ahh-ing at the pieces she wants to add to her jewelry box.

    Figure out who she admires & study their style — Although a super simple tactic, most people don't think of this. Ask the woman in your life which celebrity she thinks has the best sense of style. If you flip through Google, you can get a clear idea of what jewelry your lady might want to be gifted. This tactic is also a double whammy! Why? If she doesn't fall in love with your gift at first sight, you can mention that J-Lo or Kim K was just seen wearing something similar! We're sure that'll turn her frown upside down and have her wearing your gift non-stop.

    Best Tips For Buying a Woman Jewelry She'll Love

    Just ask her — So you've tried it all! Our tips and tricks, although great, didn't work for you. Your last resort may be to simply ask your lovely lady what she'd like! We think it's better to forfeit the surprise if you're getting her exactly what she wants anyways.

    We hope we answered a few of your burning questions and made the jewelry buying process a lot less complicated and much more exciting.

    1 Response

    Anna Collins
    Anna Collins

    October 13, 2022

    My sister is getting married soon, and since she works for the navy, I was thinking of getting her jewelry with a nautical theme since she loves collecting them. It’s good that you advised us to pay attention to the jewelry she already wears since this will give you an idea of her personal style. I’ll be sure to remember this tip while I look for stores that sell good-quality nautical jewelry.

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