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Trendy fall outfit combos you need and the jewelry you need in 2019

3 Fall Outfit Combos You Need and the Jewelry to Match

September 25, 2019 2 min read 0 Comments

It's officially Fall and we're filling you in on all the need-to-know trends of the season! From layering fossils to playing with darker gems and stones, check out the jewelry we'll be rocking throughout the holidays!
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Cute game day outfits for football and the accessories and jewelry you need to stand out

How to Dress Cute on Game Day (And the Accessories You’ll Need)

September 18, 2019 2 min read 0 Comments

Football season is back! If you're a girl, you know what that means... Time to find the cutest outfits, accessories, and jewelry to bring your A-game on Game Day.
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Healing stones and crystals for stress, anxiety, creativity and to rid your home of negative energy

7 Healing Stones & Crystals For Every Situation

September 11, 2019 2 min read 0 Comments

Healing stones and crystals have been used for centuries to clear the mind, body, and home. Whether you need to rid your space of negative energy, calm your anxiety or even spark creativity, see what healing stones you should be using to align yourself to your situation.
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The Best Gift Idea For Your Best Friend-iversary

The Best Gift Idea For Your Best Friendiversary

September 04, 2019 2 min read 0 Comments

If charm necklaces don’t solidify an eternal friendship, then what does?! Mix and match your favorite charm pendants to create the perfect look to signify another trip around the sun with your bestie! Choose between Pearls, Druse, Quartz, Jasper and more.
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Whether you're a Free Spirit, Trailblazer, Crusador, Glam Girl or Romantic, take the quiz and figure out your jewelry personality

The Ultimate Style Quiz: Find Your Jewelry Personality

August 28, 2019 2 min read 0 Comments

Ever wonder where to start when it comes to building your jewelry collection? We've made it easy for you to sort through our site and figure out your jewelry personality! Take the quiz.
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Street Style Selena Gomez, Steal Her Style Kendall Jenner, Look for Less Alessandra Ambrosio

Steal Her Style: From Selena Gomez to Kendall Jenner

August 21, 2019 2 min read 0 Comments

From Selena Gomez to Kendall Jenner, we’ve made it easy for you to steal her style (on a budget) and get fashion inspiration straight from the Charles Albert closet.
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Beautiful Gold Iridescent Blister Pearl necklace pendant and ring

The 5 Unique Jewelry Staples Every Woman Should Own

August 14, 2019 2 min read 0 Comments

From classic jewels to stones that most jewelry lovers have never heard of, check out the five accessories that will last the test of time. We’ve curated the perfect IT-list for every woman regardless of your taste in fashion! Check it out.
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Fine Sterling Silver gemstone rings online

Most Popular Jewelry Trends And How To Wear Them

August 07, 2019 2 min read 0 Comments

We’re highlighting the accessories that have been heating up in the fashion world. Whether you're a delicate jewelry gal or you enjoy exotic ensembles, these August essentials will fit right into your everyday style.
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Miami Fashion Blogger and Influencer Natalie Atick-Nunez from The Robe Life gives an interview for Miami Talks

Miami Talks: The Robe Life talks balancing business, blogging, and burnout

July 30, 2019 7 min read 0 Comments

In this interview of Miami Talks, blogger Natalie Atick-Nunez from The Robe Life Blog opens up about how she balances her blog, social media platforms, and photography business. Read what Natalie had to say.
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Top 5 Shopping Secrets to Looking Stylish on a Budget

Top 5 Shopping Secrets to Looking Stylish on a Budget

July 25, 2019 2 min read 0 Comments

Trying to keep fashionable while sticking to a budget can be discouraging especially when you feel like there’s nothing out there that can actually help you! We’ve put together the perfect step-by-step guide to saving money while keeping your style at an all-time high.
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How to prevent your sterling silver from tarnishing or turning

How To Prevent Your Fine Sterling Silver From Tarnishing

July 23, 2019 2 min read 0 Comments

What do you do when your Fine Sterling Silver starts to lose its luster? We’re unlocking a few secrets and key tips on how to keep your jewelry as shimmering as the day you bought it.
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Two models holding hands in front of the ocean at Miami Swim Week 2019

What You Missed At Miami Swim Week 2019

July 18, 2019 3 min read 0 Comments

Join us as we walk you through a few of the festivities that stood out at Swim Week 2019. By the end, you’ll have racked up too much FOMO to miss next year’s shows!
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